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Week 9 - 18.05.20

Hello class 5! Another week has flown by and we are getting closer and closer to being able to come back to school! It was great to see so many of you in the video which was sent to the teachers last week and it seems as though you are keeping yourselves busy and entertained!


This week you have got a variety of work to have a look at across lots of different topics. There is an art video to help you add depth to your drawings which I think you will like. There is a really nice Spanish lesson from the Oakwood academy which will help you to start speaking Spanish straight away. On the Geography page there's an interactive lesson based around map reading which is very helpful to get you ready for year 6!


On the PE page there is a link to BBCBitesize which has got some videos which show you the importance of exercise and how the heart works during exercise. I'm sure you will impress Mr Cox if you are able to explain both of these to him when we are back in school! There is also a link for an activity booklet which has been sent out by Nottingham Forest community, the booklet takes an afternoon to complete and our school will be completing it on Thursday afternoon! What you will need to do is to get an adult to #JOMHomeFestival and tagging @NFFC_Community and @EFLTrust on social media so that they can see how many people from our school are taking part in the lesson.


Have a great week and stay safe! See you soon!

Hello everyone, these weeks are really starting to go quickly now! I hope you all enjoyed the nice weather at the end of last week and I hope you were able to celebrate VE day on Friday! Although the lockdown can be difficult and challenging for everyone we have been very lucky to have such nice weather and hopefully it can continue over the next couple of weeks! I am afraid to say that I am still reading Sky Song, but I am hoping to finish it this week! Miss Langley has started reading The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas and will let you know what she thinks to it when she has finished.


You will notice that there is a new tab on the page this week, called pupils work. Lily W and Lexi M have done some lovely art work which they have sent in for us to see. I am hoping to get more of your work up next week if I receive it. It can be any work which you have done and would like to share: drawing, painting, colouring, writing, maths and more. You need to make sure to send it to our class email which is 


I know that you are receiving lots of work in all different formats but please don't forget to use the TTrockstars and Reading Eggs websites as we seem to be slipping on those and they are both great websites to help with your learning. I haven't set any tasks on them this week so you can use them at your own leisure but I will be setting tasks in the weeks to come!


Please use the websites which we recommend as they are providing work which is relevant for you and will help develop your learning. As you go through the different tabs this week you will see a couple of new websites for you to use one is the Nottingham music hub and other is the national holocaust, they have both provided to some really nice work for you to try this week.


Remember to send in work that you would like to share and to stay safe, we miss you all and hopefully we will be back to normal soon!

Hello everyone! Wow week 7! It seems like we’ve not seen you all in so long! Hopefully you are all having ago at the activities which we have been putting together for you, having fun and staying safe! I’m still reading Sky Song it seems to be taking a little bit longer than some of the other books I’ve read recently, hopefully I will get it completed this week and I can let you know if it’s as good as the others.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to beat the year 6’s in the TTrockstars competition, but a big well done to everyone who took part! Maybe next time we will be able to push them closer or even beat them!

Remember as well as using TTrockstars and Reading Eggs to use the websites we recommend on here. The white rose website is really helpful for your maths so make sure to give it a visit. There are also some great activities for you to try at , go and have a look and see what you think!


Remember our class email is and it would be really nice for you to send some work in for me to see. It could be maths, writing, science or it could be some art that you’ve done. Lots of classes have sent work in so it would be great to see what you guys have been up to.


Finally, we as teachers have put together a little video to let you know what we have been doing and to show how much we are all missing you! Have a watch and see what you think!

Stay safe from Team Melbury

Week 6 - 27.04.20

Good morning everybody. I hope that you all enjoyed another week of the sun, unfortunately it seems to have gone in for the next week or so!

This week I have read the Wolves of Willoghby Chase, which is another fantastic book, and I have just started Sky song hopefully it will be just as good! Miss Langley wanted me to let you know that she has finished D-Day Dog and she really enjoyed it.


I have some exciting news! We all now have class email addresses that you can contact us on. So if you want to send me any of your work or pictures of what you have been up to then please do; it would be great to see.
 (that's our class email). Also, if you have any queries about the work set or don't understand anything, please ask!


It seems that not many of you have been using Reading Eggs this week, apart from Martin (Well done!), who has spent 4 hours working away! So I’m not going to set a task on it this week, however you can still go on and do your own thing and I will check next week to see if we have more users this week.

I have set up a battle with Year 5 on TimesTable Rockstars. It starts today and you have until Sunday lunch time to get as many points as you can. Come on Year 6!!

I have set the usual tasks as previous weeks (above) but hopefully you have noticed the other subject areas at the top of the page. There is a quick an easy science experiment for you to have ago at and some Spanish as I had people asking me before we went into lock down! I will put the answers up for the maths and the grammar work on Friday so you can see how you got on.


Mr Thompson has challenged us to a competition on Ttrockstars vs the year 6’s. We’ve got from today until Sunday lunch time to get as many points as possible!! We can do this.

As mentioned last week BBC Bitesize have some lovely lessons and they are a brilliant way to expand your knowledge of history and geography as they cover things we might not have looked at in school!


Hope you all have a fantastic week and we can get back to normal!

Week 5 - 20.04.20

Good morning class 5! Wow, another week has been and gone, time seems to be flying by! I hope you have all had a nice week, finished off all your Easter eggs and were able to get outside in the sun! It look as though we are going to be lucky with the weather again this week! I have finished reading Podkin One-ear this week and I have enjoyed it so much, I would definitely recommend it. There seems to have been a little less activity on TTrockstars and Reading Eggs this week, I hope that is because you have all been enjoying your Easter? However, a massive well done to Amelia, Lexi M and Martin who completed both of the tasks set on Reading Eggs. Lets see if we can get more activity on both of these great websites, there are challenges waiting for you all on both of them!


You will see that this week there are 4 tasks up loaded on here for you to have ago at this week I'm sure many of you will get them finished in no time at all. I have uploaded the answers for you to check them as well!


In additon to this, have a look on the BBC Bitesize page. They have some fantasic daily lessons now for all different subjects. There are the usual maths and English lessons but also wellbeing lessons, geography, music etc. .


Have another great week, hopefully we will be seeing you all soon!

Week 4 - 13.04.20

Good morning class 5! We have been very lucky to have such amazing weather during our time off and I am sure that you have been making the most of it! It is very important to try and spend some time outside when you can and when the weather is so nice it's the perfect opportunity to do so. Hopefully you have all had a fantastic Easter and you have had lots of chocolate!!


It has been nice to see more of you using TTrockstars and Reading Eggs but I think we can do even better! Thank you to Danny and Lily W for sending me multiple challenges on TTrockstars this week, keep them coming! Remember it is still important for you to keep practicing your reading and times tables and these websites will help you with both.  


I have uploaded the answers to last weeks maths questions and I have uploaded some arithmetic and grammar questions for you all to have ago at!


Make sure you are enjoying your time off, have fun but most importantly stay safe!

Week 3 - 06.04.19

Hello everyone! Hope you are all ok and made the most of the sunshine by spending some of the weekend outside! I can't believe we are now on to our third week off school, it seems to be going so fast!! I have been checking the times table Rockstar's and I was surprised to see that I haven't received any challenges!! On reading express there have been a few of you who have been spending sometime on there, however it was only Amelia who completed both the comprehension and the spelling task which I set you all, so well done Amelia!! I have uploaded another task for you to have ago at and you still have until Wednesday to complete the first task, it would be great to see more of you have ago!


I will also be uploading some work on here for you to have ago at there will be some maths and English and I will put the answers for the maths up at the end of the week! Below are a couple of websites for you try out as well!



Finally I have spoken to Miss Langley and she's sent you all a message:

"Hi Class 5,


Hope you've all been enjoying the sun! I've been spending lots of time in the garden with Maxi and Mika and I have just started reading D-Day dog by Tom Palmer. I'll let you know what I think to it next week once I've finished it! Mr Wild tells me that some of you have been working hard on TT Rockstar's, keep up the hard work and keep a look out as I might be challenging you! Missing you all lots, have fun and be good!

See you soon!

Miss Langley :)"




So we are into the second week of our break and I'm sure that you have all been enjoying your time off. Last week I set you all a challenge on TTrockstars which some of you have responded to and I have sent another one this week. Mrs Morris wants me to give Danny a mention as he was the first to respond to her challenge on TTrockstars. I have also put some tasks on reading express for you to have ago at, there is a comprehension task and a spelling task for you to complete! 

Hopefully many of you have used some of your time to do some reading. I managed to finish 2 books last week and I am looking forward to starting Podkin One-ear, which is one our 50 book challenge books, this week.

I am really looking forward to reading some of the writing you have done based around the pictures you were given in your work packs, I am sure lots of you have come up with some fantastic ideas.

Make sure you are using this time to be productive! Learn a times table you are unsure of, read a new book, write a story, draw a picture, find out some facts about interesting places, bake cakes, build a model out of cardboard boxes and much more.

All of the teachers in class 5 are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


Stay safe, have fun and keep on learning!

Week 1 (23.03.20)

Hi everyone!

Hope that you have all been busy during your first week at home and you're not missing school to much!

We have been very lucky to have such nice weather at the start of our time off and I hope that you have all been making the most of it whilst it lasts. I spent a lot of Monday reading, I've taken the Nowhere Emporium home to keep my occupied for a little while! I know lots of you have taken books home so I look forward to hearing all about them when we get back to school.

With all this free time on your hands it is a great opportunity to read, practise times tables, exercise, play games, draw, colour and loads of other activities that you don't always get time to do!

I will be keeping an eye on reading eggs and TTRockstars to see who has been using them and just to get you all started I have challenged you all on TTRockstars. I will be keeping an eye out for challenges back and mentioning people in the next post!


Have fun and stay safe class 5, see you all soon!!

Welcome to Year 5's Website

This year, Mr Wild will be Class 5's teacher.

Mr Wild will be teaching class 5 for the majority of the time. However, we are vey lucky to have Miss Langley and Mrs Khammassi supporting throughout the year. We also have Mr Cox taking some of our PE lessons and Mrs Gordon will be teaching the class on a Thursday afternoon.

We will update this page throughout the year so you can see what our class have been getting up to!



Every child will receive two pieces of homework each week (one literacy and one maths). Homework is handed out on a Friday and due back on the following Tuesday.



Our P.E. days this half term are on a Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has appropriate kit on these days. Outdoor trainers and warm clothing is useful as we will be outside as much as possible, weather permitting.