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Year 3 / Class 3

Look, our final shadufs!! We designed them, went into the woods to collect the materials and made them last Friday. Here they are! It was a great team effort and sometime the whole structure collapsed BUT we didn't give up. With the support of our friends, we all made it!

In Science, we are investigating light! On Monday, we were waiting for the sun to come out so that we could draw some shadow pictures of ourselves and partners. The afternoon turned out to be an in and out of the classroom as the sun came out and then disappeared again. However, we drew the shadow of our hands and partners. We also investigated opaque, translucent and transparent materials.

We also looked at artefacts which belong to a museum and although we didn't dig them up, we felt like archaeologists. We had to match the item to its description card.

Parents, Carers and Children In our enquiry topic, we are reading a book called Flat Stanley and the Egyptian Grave Robbery. Mrs Bourne and Mrs Pearson sat up an Egyptian bazaar so that we could experience the smell of the spices and other items you would find in a bazaar. Have a look at all the things we saw, smelt, touched and heard. Yesterday we did some tasting too but as we enjoyed it too much, there are no photos.

Welcome to Year 3