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To Parents/Carers and Children. Oh Yes, Class 3 has made it! As a reward we enjoyed ice cream, tug-of-war and inflatables in the afternoon. A well deserved end to a very strange year. We wish you all a well deserved holiday, stay safe and hope to see everybody in September. Thank you for all our lovely gifts, Mrs Bourne and Mrs Pearson

Tins & Cans, we have had our last pick-up of our collection today. We were allowed to stand in the van.

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Class 3's drama & poetry about 'The crocodile and the dentist' by Roald Dahl

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Here we are, Class 3 at Wollaton Hall. Despite the weather forecast, thunder and lightning the previous night, we had a great time at Wollaton Park. Arrival was at 9.30am, 4 1/2 hours or 8044 steps later, we got back onto our busses to go back to school. BUT, we have extended our orienteering skills by using maps and compasses, as well as learning some Latin words. Furthermore, we imagined what is must have felt like to be one of the Willoughby's family. Anyway, have a look for yourself at our photos Mrs Bourne took during the visit.

Sports Day! Look what we have been up to during our sports day. We had great scorers and we loved the activities we had to complete.

To All! After a very busy assessment week, Class 3 relaxed during an outdoor performance by the 'The Puppet Theatre Van'. The show was about friendship. Look at the photos and let the children tell you all about it.

To All, last Wednesday afternoon, the children had a very healthy afternoon! After deciding which healthy sandwich to make, previously, they all had a go at making their own one. Here are some of their results and I know some of you at home tried them too. On top of that, the children enjoyed a cool smoothie, which was just right for the temperature we had! Parents and Carers, in future let them make you your lunches and you can sit back and relax!

  Dear All,  

  Our 'tins & cans recycling project' has really taken off and we have had a superb response. We are now on our second collection which   will be collected on Monday, 19th July. This means that we are stopping collecting on Monday 19th July  Please pencil this date into your diary so that we won't have tins & cans over the school holidays.


   I would like to thank you all, for taking such an active part in this project and will come back to you with the final figure of how much we raised.


   Mrs Bourne

This is the CRUSHER!!!

To all Parents/Carers and Children, just a quick update how our recycling project is going. Thanks to everybody in school, we have collected our first lot of cans & tins, handed them over to CMEC and TRD, who crushed them into blocks. We had a look what our collected efforts look like and would like to share this with you. Have a look and see for yourself!

Dear All, Class 3 has been busy with our new recycling project. So far, we have flattened a lot of cans and tins. Thank you to everybody who has brought some in. The children know a song, whilst they are flattening the tins and cans. Let them tell you all about it. Please keep the cans and tins coming. Thank you Class 3!

Summer Term! Welcome Back Letter to Parents/Carers and Children!

Class 3 return to school letter

Children & Teachers! This will be the last week of home learning and what better then making it an investigational one. In Literacy, you will have quite a few videos to watch, some with new learning and some recapping ones. Also videos in Science during which you will be completing investigations and scientific thinking. Please keep all your work together in subjects, so that I can have a look when you are returning to school. Have an exciting start to the week. Mrs Bourne

Dear All, I hope you all had a good break and were able to put the teaching routines to one side. However, thank you for some of your emails throughout the holidays. I am very pleased with some of you who used the holidays as 'catching up' time and are now ready to carry on with this week's work. As you can see from the attached timetable, we have only planned for 3 more days as we are all awaiting the announcement tomorrow from Mr Johnson. As soon as we know, I promise we will let you all know. Thank you for those who challenged me with the ttrockstar time tables, I must say you're getting better! Anyway, for now that's all I have to say. Enjoy the final writing of your diary. Don't forget to watch my 'Meet & Greet' tomorrow morning. Bye for now, Mrs Bourne

Class 3's pouches from school!

Class 3, have a look at the work children at home have completed, lately.

Class 3! I would like to share some photos with you of school in the snow and some of the work we have been doing. Enjoy and have a good half term break! Mrs Bourne

Hi All, I have attached some of the finished Stone Age pouches some of you have made, which have blown me away. Furthermore, I took photos of some story sticks for you to look it, just in case you haven't completed yours yet. Here are some ideas. Maybe you can send the photos to me as well. Mrs Bourne

Timetable 6th week 08.02.21-12.02.2021 Hi Everybody, here is your new timetable which will take you up to February half term. There will be no school between 15.02.-19.02.21 and some of you definitely deserve a rest. However, I am always available by email and ready to receive any photos of your work. Mrs Bourne

Just wanted to share some work children have sent in with the rest of you. Thank you for sending them in, keep them coming. Mrs Bourne

Hello Class 3 & Teachers, I have attached this week's timetable 01.02.2021-05.02.2021. I hope you have got your story stick ready for tomorrow's activity! This week you will be completing your own Stone Age Boy story and start a new adventure on Thursday. I will be delivering the new learning packs myself, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, so please make sure that you are in as it would be lovely to see you all. If you would like me to take away a piece of work, you are really proud of, I will do so and have a look at school. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon, Mrs Bourne

Good afternoon 'teachers' and children! I have attached this week's timetable, starting on Monday 25.01.2021 - Friday 29.01.2021. Enjoy the different activities, be kind to each other and keep learning. Mrs Bourne

Hi Everyone, hope you have had a good weekend and are ready for another week of superb learning. I am getting much more adventurous and trying things out on Microsoft Teams. Have a look tomorrow, I bet you'll be impressed. However, here is this week's timetable for you. Remember, any questions, please ring school. Mrs Bourne

Letters and timetable for week commencing 11th January 2021

  Dear Parents/Carers and Children


  I hope this message will find you all well and healthy. I have attached the following information for

  you so that you know what's going on with your learning.


   If you have any questions, you can either ring the school or send me an email via our  website.


   Your learning pack has everything you need for the next 10 days. Please read everything carefully.


    I will put a video on microsoft teams later on.


    Stay safe and be kind to the adults & siblings around you.


   Mrs Bourne


    Dear Parents/Carers and Children,


    just a little note from me at the end of a year that started like any other but yet turned out to be anything else but normal. We only realised            what we have when we haven't got it anymore.


    The children have done extremely well since returning in September and worked carefully through our first term. Although we haven't

     been on trips, we have been in the woods and used the playground for extended learning opportunities. Everybody worked through our

     topic of light and has extended their understanding about shadows.


    I am wishing you all a very merry Christmas and hope that the Year 2021 will see some normality, at some stage,  returning to us. Please

    think of all those people who are on the frontline and show them, if you can, some kindness too.


    Mrs Bourne 

Christmas in Class 3 with games and some food. Wishing everybody a safe, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

Class 3 during our Christmas crafts. We were very busy and made lots of different items.

In PSHE we talked about positive relationships. We made our own recipes for good relationships and cooked them in the cauldron as well as cutting people out into happy families.

On Friday, Mrs Pearson showed us how to do art, using a filter bag. Look at our results:

Our Science Day "All about Light" Please have a look about the acitivites we worked through whilst looking at Light. We made our own shadwos and then compared them every two hours to the previous one. We investigated the different materials and worked out why the shadows is longer or shorter throughout the day. We had a great day but see for yourselves.

Autumn Welcome and Newsletter

On Friday, the children built their shaduf, which is an early irrigation system the Egyptians used in ancient Egypt. This system helped them to get water from the River Nile and water their crops. Let the children tell you all about it!