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To All, today nothing was going right but in the end, you just have to take a deep breath and start again, step by step. Sooooo here is this week's work. I hope you are all doing well and keep positive. The Goverment changes rules and regulations every day and it does get really confusing. I have put an update about my sun flower too and although it isn't as big as Mr Bourne's one, I am still very proud of mine. I am now in school until the end of the term and I can't believe how things have changed. However, I am looking forward to see you all soon. Keep smiling and be considerate towards others. Mrs Bourne

Good Evening All, sorry for the delay today in sending you the answer sheet for last week's maths section 1. Mrs Bourne


    To All,


     Look at these fantastic robots made by



    Taylor-Jay                     and Ryan          


    Well Done Boys! yes   yes


    Mrs Bourne

Work for Monday 29.06.2020


   Good Morning Everybody!


   I hope this message will find you all well, healthy and still smiling. Today I have got some great news: Our pen pals from New Zealand

   have received your letters and have sent me a photo. 

   All of them were very excited to read your letters and as they are only a small class, they have asked some of their other school friends

   to become pen pals too which I think is fantastic. The children will have a holiday soon but hope to write back before then. I will keep

   you informed as to when I hear something.


   Look at my redcurrants and raspberries of which I am extremely proud. When I harvested the raspberries I ate them straight away, they tasted

   very sweet. I am a little jealous of Mr Bourne's sunflowers, look how tall they are already and one of them is getting a flower. I know that this 

   one is still not as tall as Logan's or Chloe's flowers.      




   Thank you for all your emails, it is lovely to see your robots (Taylor-Jay did a superb one) and Logan did the 'storm in a glass' experiment.   

   Chloe is becoming really good at the keyboard and did send me a short clip of the tune.


   I have attached this weeks work, which I scanned in school on Friday. I do apologise that some pages are on one side but you can still

   read them. Enjoy and I cant wait to see photos of your bird feeder!


   Speak soon, Mrs Bourne  


Hello Everyone, I hope that you have all survived the terrible downfall last Thursday? Our garden changed into a swimmingpool and our road was like a little river. Every time a car drove through it, we had a wave coming down our drive. My sunflower was drowning in the plant pot and is currently recovering. I am at school all week and have also got some workbooks if any of you are interested. Last week we did a lot of things, using pegs and ice lollies. This week the weather will hopefully get a lot hotter and we all can go and enjoy the outdoors again. Mrs Bourne

Monday 15.6.2020


   Good Evening All,


   I have been in school today and therefore the late update. During the day I was able to ring some of you and talked to you, which was

   really nice. It was good to hear what you've been up to and also talking to the grown up in your family. As promised, I have challenged

   some of you on ttrockstars. Please keep sending me the email, as some of your have promised on


   This week I have chosen some different work for you. I will ring more of you tomorrow so that you all can tell me how things are going.

   There are no news about the sunflower, as it has gone under cover! What do you think that means?  


   Have a great week and hope to speak soon,


    Mrs Bourne  





     Wishing you all a very good Friday morning!!


     Well, this week has been definitely a challenge for all of us as the weather turned to the wetter side. BUT, as said before, wellies,

     a warm jumper and vest, couldn't stop me from going out. I replanted my sunflower last Sunday, went for a short ride (between the

     rain periods) and took a closer look at the cockerel at the yard. He was doing his crowing quite loudly. However, I thought he stood

     very proud. Did you come across any animals in your garden and you thought, wow?



     We also have a crow, in our garden, who lands with a piece of bread, puts it in our water pot (so it gets soaked and soft), flies off only

     to return a little later to eat the soft bread. Aren't these animals amazing!   



      Isn't nature amazing!


      Okay, back to school-mode! I have attached this week's answers as well as my next part of the sunflower story. Chloe and Logan, I

      hope that I am as lucky with my sunflower results as you are. Keep sending me photos so I can compare.


     I hope you like my few photos and are inspired to watch what's happening in your garden.  Speak soon,


    Mrs Bourne wink


Morning All, here is the promised Science Experiment. Please let me know how did it go. Mrs Bourne


   Class 3, what's going on with you all???? I have been challenging you all on ttrockstar and not one person has challenged me back.

   I have been waiting and waiting!!! The weather isn't that good and the challenge is fun! I am still waiting! surprise


   I hope you are keeping yourselves busy during this wet weather or are you putting your wellies on and explore the garden in the rain?

   How has it changed and are there different animals about when it's wet? In our garden are definitely less flying birds but more birds on

   the ground, pecking it. Do you know why? Also, sometimes the birds just seem to pop up out of the hedges and then go down again -

   any ideas why that is?


   I have attached your weekly work and found a really good science experiment BUT, for some reason I can't get it on this site. So I

   wait for Mr Bourne to help me out here.


   Are you all still keeping busy and making things? Maddison hat made a bird house and she sent the photo via our class email and Logan completed his game. Do you remember, I asked you a couple of weeks ago to

   invent your own game. Thank you Logan and Maddison for your emails, I really enjoyed reading them and looking at your photos.


   Keep sending the emails to me, otherwise I don't hear anything from you and that makes me sad.


    Mrs Bourne



Good Morning, on a very much cooler Friday! Alright, so....... the challenge is on! I have just challenged you ALL on ttrockstars. Who will be the first to take the challenge? Also find attached the answers to this weeks maths questions. Put your wellis and rain jacket on, don't let the rain stop you from exploring. Mrs Bourne

Hi, ME again! As promised here are the photos from our finger painting activity I did with the keyworker kids at school. They come with instructions and are easy to follow. Have a go, it's fun! Today, I used jar lids to produce an underwater fish scene. Recycling came to mind! Enjoy! Mrs Bourne


   Dear children, parents & carers


    You wouldn't believe it but I just pressed the wrong button and all my text, I had written to you plus photos, disappeared. So, this will be

     my 2nd attempt to write to you. The hardest thing is to remember what I put in the first one. It's a bit like writing a story, when you have

     got all your plans and then you lose them.


    I hope that you have had a lovely break from daily school work and enjoyed the superb weather in the garden and paddling pool. During

    half term we celebrated Mr Bourne's birthday and I made a cake and in the afternoon we had a picnic in the garden. We played badminton

    and had a relaxing day.     


   One day, I went up to the yard where I rode Amy-Lou. I had a fantastic time!     


    I have been in school today with the keyworkers children and we did finger painting. I will put the ideas on the website tomorrow

    as I think you would enjoy making a crocodile, rocket or fish by just using your fingers. I am in school again tomorrow so you will have

    to wait until the afternoon. 


    Logan, how is your sunflower growing? I have attached an update on the sunflower story and I am amazed how many sunflowers

    there are. Anyway, you will find this week's work with this text and I know that you are very capable of completing it. Don't forget

    to check the art suggestions, Mrs Clough has put on the website. It would be brilliant if you would share some of your thoughts, work,

    ideas or findings with me on the email.


   Speak to you again tomorrow, when I put the finger painting pictures on.


   Have a good week,


     Mrs Bourne 


  smiley Dear children, parents and carers


         I bet everybody is listening to the news intensively with regard to school re-opening. Don't worry, because I do too!


        Today would have been our last day of the 1st summer half term and we would've been looking forward to a week's holiday.

        Well, I do think that we all deserve a break and today I can let you know that there will be no work for you next week. However,

        if you want to do something, check out BBC bitesize lessons, ttrockstars (as so many of you have been doing), reading

        eggspress or just simply pick up a reading book and read.  


        A very big well done to Alex and Ellisse who have been working very hard and to Logan, who has sent me an email with his

        story and pictures about his girocopter. I was so excited to look at all the work and I am very proud to all of you for such determination

        and perseverance. Ryan, Taylor-Jay and the rest of all of you, please keep your emails coming and I hope it won't be too long

        before we are all together again.


        Wishing you a great break and a good week. I wish all the parents and carers a good bank holiday weekend too.


        Please keep safe and stay well!


        Mrs Bourne   

To all children in Class 3! Here are your answers to this week's maths sheet! Keep checking and well done for completing them. Mrs Bourne

Dear All! Guess what I have been doing today? Do you normally have these items on your washing line or sun lounger? Where do these items come from and what are they used for?



     Hi wink


     Isn't a gorgeous day today so lets do the work and then go outside. By the way, did anybody build the gyrocopter the other week? Maybe

     you could send in a photo via our class email ( and I can have a look?

     How did you start you week this week?

     Well, I went to school and we painted pebbles (I collected them from the garden in the previous week). We put a base paint on and then

     wanted to draw something on the top. However, the paint wasn't quite dry so Mrs Firmage will carry on today. As I was painting my stone,

     I thought that it would be a nice activity to do, in or outside, for you at home too. If you haven't got paint, you can use a felt tip pen. Here are 

     some of the things you could paint on them.





     I have also checked out the BBCbitesize and found an activity in Literacy, which we still get more confident with. So please look at the

     Literacy lesson 14th May 'Their, they're or there' - how good are you? Challenge yourself. Attached you will find the weekly maths work.

     Check out TTrockstars and Reading Eggspress! Thanks for challenging me, Logan! Ryan, keep these emails coming!

     Wishing you all a good week but remember, stay safe and be kind to others!


      Mrs Bourne





     Good Evening All!


     I am at school tomorrow but have decided to send you some different activities for this week. I will add maths tomorrow when I am

     back from school. In the meantime, have a look at BBC bitesize and this weeks lesson ideas.


     Mrs Bourne

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Hope everybody had a good week and is hoping for warmer weather over the weekend. Below you will find your maths answers. How are you getting on with your challenges?


   To All,

   Just wanted to say how great the kids video was! Good to see you on the video, with your hairstyles getting longer and shorter.

   Your messages were really appreciated and brought a smile to my face. Let's all hope that we will see each other soon.

   Thanks to, parents/carers, who made this video possible.

   Stay alert!!


   Mrs Bourne



    Good Morning All,

   I am sure you are thinking, is it Monday already? No it isn't,  it's a cold Sunday! I am at school tomorrow and won't be able to send you your

   weekly email and therefore it comes today.


   A lot to tell you about the week just gone by but first of all I am interested in how you celebrated the 'VE 75th year day'? All the people on

   our street came out at just before 11o'clock to be together during the 2 minute silence. We met again at 3pm with a soft drink to toast

   to each other from a distant. It was really nice doing this with the neighbours.  What did you do?


       In between, Mr Bourne,  Steve (a tree surgeon) , our neighbours and myself took three trees down. It was a lot of carrying

    branches and logs but now we have a lot more light.  I don't think I could hang in a tree like that. Could you? I have saved some  

    logs for us for our class garden so we can sit on them and read a book or just sit and chat. What do you think about that

   idea? Thinking back, it has actually been quite a busy week as I also painted our bench. As you can see, it has been a week of hard

   work for me.


   Furthermore, I have been challenged on TTrockstars and challenged some of you back.

   I have to mention a couple of children today, as I am very impressed by their work and the way they keep in touch via our class email . Thanks to Ryan, who keeps sending me weekly emails about his work (keep checking the answers

   I put on the website too); Taylor-Jay, Abigail, Logan and Chloe who have been in touch too; a very well done to Alex and Ellisse for their

   work (love the handwriting practice), Logan for his artistic work and to Jade who must have worked tirelessly for quite a while.Thank you all

   for your determination, perseverance and hard work throughout these times.

   If you haven't sent an email yet, please do it now, as it is amazing to read what some of you have been up to!


   As every week, don't forget to check out BBCbitesize and their lessons. Try something new, a lesson you haven't tried before. Remember,

   trying something new might open the door to something amazing.  


   I am wishing you all a good week and don't forget to send me an email!


    Mrs Bournecool

Answers from Monday 4th May 2020 word problems




   Good Morning to Everyone!


   Would you believe it, we are starting week 7 of the lockdown! But, it's only a number and I have got some exciting news for you today.

   Actually, I have got sooooo many things to tell you and I bet my text today will be all over the place.


   First of all,

                     LOOK        who says I haven't got green fingers (a phrase people say when you aren't a good gardener).


    I have done something with this picture which you will find under 'The Life of a sunflower' section.



   This week I have decided to keep you busy with word problems, which will practice your reading as well as mathematical understanding.

   Congratulations to Ryan, who has challenged me on TTrockstars. AND I challenged you right back!


    All the teachers from Melbury have started a new profession and we have put it on youtube. Be very careful when typing in the web address

    as it says and then sit back and relax.


    There are still some children who haven't accessed ttrockstars or reading eggspress and I am really waiting for your challenges and

    work to be completed. If you have any problems with any of the sites, please email me on

    and I can check it for you. Also, if you are talking to any other friends from Class 3, please pass on the email address and tell them

    to get in touch with me as it would be amazing to hear from you and what you have been up to.


    I hope to hear from you all soon,


    Mrs Bourne



  Hello Class 3!


  I normally don't write a lot on a Friday but today has to be an exception:


  Can I just say I am very impressed and proud of all the children who have sent me their work and told me how they are doing during

  their lockdown time at home. Would you believe, Ryan and Taylor-Jay are becoming authors as they have been writing stories and Abigail 

  and Logan are turning into scientists, experimenting with what floats or sinks or making a mouse shoot up into the air. Keep these emails

  coming, send them to



  May I also say a big WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all the parents and carers who are teaching their children every day and, hopefully,

  enjoying the activities which are on the website as well as all other suggestions. I do hope you enjoy the success when they get it and

  think that everything beforehand made it all worth while (in a way). So, thank you for your patience when answering the same question a



  As the weather has turned a little wetter over the last few days, I thought the activity below might be of interest.

  You are building a gyrocopter! Every step is shown below and all you need is paper and a pair of scissors (if you ant to decorate your

  gyrocopter you need some colouring pens).  Every step is shown on this guide below! Enjoy!! When you have finished, throw the 

  gyrocopter in the air and see it come down. You could let it go from your bedroom window but make sure an adult is with you.      





   Before I close, just a quick reminder of the challenges on ttrockstars, lessons and activities on BBCbitesize, Reading Egg website and

   Mrs Clough's art project. On the Reading Egg website I found an option where somebody reads a story to you and then you have to

   answer questions. I did it and though what a great idea.


    Wishing you all a good weekend ….until Monday    Mrs Bourne yes













IT'S FRIDAY - Good Morning everybody! Here are the answers to all the maths questions I put on last Monday. Remember, you should have used the columnar method so I have written them all out as column addition or subtractions. I hope you have remembered to exchange or carry over?! Good luck with checking your answers!



    GREAT NEWS!!                         READ ALL ABOUT IT!!                     GREAT NEWS!!                      READ ALL ABOUT IT!!





    Now it is time for ME to sit back and read all about the things YOU have done! We've got a class email address. Through this you can send

    me photos of your experiments, share your day (make your own storyboard) draw pictures and then send them to me. I am so excited!

    Here is the email address:


    and by the way ….


    don't forget to check out the bbc.bitesize webpage again. As previously said, there are some great things to learn.


    I wonder who will be the first person to send an email to me!  wink  


    Waiting to hear from you,


     Mrs Bourne








          Dear All

          We are now at the beginning of our 6th week of 'Education from home' and I hope that routines have settled in very well and

          that you are becoming experts in 'out-of-classroom-learning'.  As well as working on TTRockstars, how is the Reading Egg

          programme developing? Are you improving your spellings and phonics knowledge? How about these tricky homophones, words

          that sound the same but are spelt differently! "What shall I where/wear today?" Keep using your logins to become brilliant

          grammatical people!


          I am sure you are wondering why I have put a photo of Fletcher on the top? For him, nothing has changed in the last month,

          only that he becomes more treats. The animals will keep us sane, occupied and fit. 


          Yesterday, I planted a sunflower and thought how great it would be if you watch it grow with me over the next few weeks! I

          have put photos of every stage of my planting on a document and will send photos every Monday for you to observe

          any changes. Who knows, when we go back to school, it can become our 'Class 3 sunflower project'!   


         Anyway, I hope you have just finished your morning exercise with Joe Wicks and after a little break are ready to work

         through this weeks work. Enjoy and don't forget to take some photos if you can to show me afterwards!


         Mrs Bournesmiley 

Hi Everybody! Have you been waiting for my answers? Well here they come, 'Arithmetic answers from 20.04.2020'. Have a great weekend and I will be in touch again on Monday. Keep safe and remember the sun creme when going out in the garden. Mrs Bourne




    Good Morning to Everyone!


    I know it's not Monday or Friday but I really want to share something with you all. I am so excited about it and tried it out yesterday already. But, before I tell you what it is, I have to give a HUGE shout out to Khari and Chloe, who challenged me on TTRockstars! Keep these challenges coming, I am waitinglaugh 


     Anyway, here are my exciting news: The 'BBC' has come up with a great Learning Website. Type in into your browser and follow my instructions and you will find great things!!!! yes There are interesting clips to help you with explanations and understanding. I also liked the dinosaurs when learning about 3digit numbers.


   Have a go and enjoy it, I did! Although school is closed, it doesn't stop us from learning!        Mrs Bourne   smiley



Step by Step guide for BBC website


    smiley  Good Morning Everybody!


    We should be starting our Summer term today but instead we are having another week of staying safe and making sure that we don't spread   the virus. I miss you all and with it all our routines we have in class. I do hope you like the items I put on for you but if you come up with your own ideas, that is great too. Write them down somewhere and we might be able to share them when we get back. It might be an idea to start a little diary in which you tell us what you did throughout these weeks at home.


  For this week I have found two little Literacy tasks and another arithmetic sheet. Have you been creating things in your garden or built something amazing? Take a photo and share this too.



I have sent your letters to the school in New Zealand as I have been in touch with their teacher. Their school is closed too but I thought I put on a picture of their view from their playground.



Can you remember why the sky was that colour in New Zealand?


                                 What is it? Think about 5 sentences to do with this picture and tell a person in your house. 



 Anyway, have another good week and be kind to the people around you!


Mrs Bourne yes 

Ups.....through Easter Monday I totally got confused with my weekdays. Thought today was Friday but it is Saturday already, sorry. Anyway, here are the answers to your arithmetic sheet from Tuesday 14th April 2020.

Good Morning Class 3! Please read what I have got for you TODAY!! Mrs Bourne

Good Morning Everybody! I hope you have had a good weekend, painted all those fences, cleared sheds, outhouses, bedrooms and then sat back and enjoyed it all! I have attached this week's activities. You need to have a look as I also put a special announcement on!! Enjoy and stay safe, Mrs Bourne


 Dear Parents/Carers and Children


Just a little thought I had this week when I went into school but I need your help!

 I've noticed that not everybody checks on the Melbury Primary School website for things to do! If you are texting anybody from our class or talk to them one way or another, please tell them to check the website for activities to do and any other updates.


 Thank you, together we can do it! We made some rainbow pictures and stuck them onto the school gates. I think they look pretty cool!


 Stay safe and healthy,

    Mrs Bourne


Good Morning All! How did you do with those challenges? Did you ask another person in the house to have a go? Did you find different solutions? Well, the waiting is over as I have attached the answers. However, I am sure you worked it out by yourselves already as you are a clever lot.

  Dear Challengers,


   If you want to know the answers to the challenges, check this site on Friday, I will put the answers on!   


   Stay safe,  Mrs Bourne

Dear All, I hope you all had a good week and set yourself a daily routine. Have you been working on 'Reading Eggs' and 'TT Rockstars' to develop your skills or even challenge yourself! Don't forget to ask any brothers or sisters or even an adult, to have a go at both apps. Can they beat ur score? However, I have attached a few new things your brains could work through. Did you try Joe Wicks PE workout yet and can you keep up with him? Stay safe and well, we are all doing a great job! Mrs Bourne


Dear Children, Parents  & Carers 


I have been thinking of you and hope that you are enjoying the lovely weather and time in your garden. If you are stuck with something to do, here are a few suggestions of games:

1. Bucket & Ball

Place a bucket on the floor in your garden, 3 big steps away from you - then try to throw a small ball into it. It's not as easy as you think, as the ball might jump out of the bucket, depending how it lands. To make it harder put the bucket further away.


2. Try your gardening skills by pulling out some weeds in your garden. Just make sure they are weeds and not flowers (as I am reminded of that by Mr Bourne, every time I try to do that!) wink


2. Maybe you have used the little booklet, Miss Callaway, did for you with the different games. Are you getting better finding all the different things with different letters of the alphabet?


3. Here is a game which really need a lot of concentration - can you do the challenges?


 Hope you are all staying safe and keep washing those hands!  Keep checking the website and the updates of activities I put on.


I will be back soon,


Mrs Bournesmiley



This half term, we are comparing two contrasting localities 'Nottingham and Eyam' and last Friday we started to look closer at Nottingham. We completed a tally-chart so that we could see how many different types of shops are there in the city, drew the top half of houses and took a closer look at specific landmarks around Nottingham. We read a map to help us understand where the landmarks were. Throughout the morning, we did a lot of walking and collected a lot of data. Now we can't wait to go to Eyam so that we can complete our enquiry topic.

On Thursday, 5th March 2020, was World Book Day and we dressed up as our favourite book character. We met an author, who explained to us, what inspired him to write stories and poems. In the afternoon, we read stories to Foundation One children. Throughout the day, we completed a fact booklet about penguins during which we found a lot of new information we didn't know before. Did you know, penguins don't always live in cold climates AND do you know why the waddle?

We have visited the Contemporary Art Gallery in Nottingham. Look at our photos!

Christmas in Year 3! Thank you to Mr Spencer, who baked christmas tree biscuits for everybody and the children thoroughly enjoyed decorating them.

In Science we learnt about forces and combining it with D&T the children made their own parachute. It took a lot of patience!!

Dear All, I have attached our new timetable which will be for the next 7 weeks until Christmas. Please note changes to our PE times, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is very important that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear. NO jewellery should be worn at all times. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Mrs Bourne

In Science we looked at Rocks & Soil. We made our own compost bin by using small stones, soil, vegetable peelings, water, shredded paper and worms. Some of us brought their compost experiment to school and we all were surprised how big the worms had grown. See for yourself!

Today, we had our last Forest School Session and here are some of our photos. We became Stone Age people who drew pictures using mud, leaves and berries.

  Dear Parents/Carers and Children,


  Only a few more days to go and we will find ourselves in the Autumn holidays already. Where has the time gone? The children have all  

  settled in well to their new routines and work requirements.


  During the school holidays, please practice with your child the following times tables: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x. As mentioned during the

  parents' evening, the Government will test every child on all the times tables up to 12x in Year 4.  Remember to read frequently to keep up

  your child's fluency and vocabulary.


  Just to let you know that our PE sessions for the 2nd Autumn term will be on Mondays (outside) and Wednesday (inside). Please ensure that  

  your child will have appropriate PE clothing and footwear for outside. If it's dry we will be outside! 


  Wishing you all a lovely break,


  Mrs Bourne


Classes 3 & 4 learnt more about the Stone Age at Creswell Crags today. The rain didn't put us off and we had a great time. We discovered the caves, put animal skeletons together and experienced what it must have been to draw with a flint stone. Look for yourself at our photos!

1st Autumn term 2019 - Newsletter & Timetable

Year 3 had their first Forest School session. We made tents and pretended to be Stone Age people.