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Year 2 / Class 2

Hi everyone!

Well, we're half way through our second week away from school so hopefully you are finding some sort of routine to help you get through your day?

We have been very impressed with your efforts on Reading eggs so far. Another assignment has been set for you to complete by next week so have a go. ;-) Also if you have created any Lego masterpieces or developed a secret message using the code then please let us know by writing a message or sending a photo to

Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and are outside lots enjoying the sunshine, wrap up nice and warm on cold days.


Well done to all of you who have been going on READING EGGS. Aalayah, Ben, Lincoln, Maisie, hamid, Mason, Lilly, Aisha, Thomas, Alex, jacob, Sam, Willow, Aimee, Ava and Louie, WELL DONE GUYS! Ava, Hamid, Maisie, Mason, Sam and Willow well done on completing your spelling assignment for the week, remember everyone else you have until Thursday to do it. We have set a reading assignment for this week.


Remember to also go on TT ROCKSTARS. You have to do the placement test 10 times for it to set to your level.


Sam, your time capsule you have done with your family looks amazing. You are a star!


We have thought carefully about some work for you this week as well as your Reading eggs and Tt Rockstars and have uploaded a grid with ideas for you. remember you do not have to do anything but keep anything you do to show us when we return to school.


Missing you all lots

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Working from home grid

23.03.20 - Week 1

Hello everybody! We hope that you are all keeping safe and that although everything is very strange and confusing you are all okay.


Remember you can do lots of work on TT Rockstars and Reading Eggs to keep you busy.


We have set a spelling task for you to do on Reading Eggs this week. How many of you can complete it?

Well done Willow and Ava who have already done this. Willow we owe you 8 certificates for your reading eggs work so far!!! WOW!! Aalayah you have also received one certificate which we will keep safe.


Mrs Firmage has been reading The Folk of The Faraway Tree with her children.

The children in the story are trying to get a magic land called The Land of the Giants.

Can you write a story about what you think might happen in The Land of the Giants or draw a picture of a giant? 


As the weather is so lovely you could do lots of activities in your garden if you have one. You could do some gardening or make an obstacle course from your toys. 


All of the adults in Class 2 miss you all and hope we are all back in school soon.

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the time you have with your family? I know it can be hard living under the same roof as your brother or sister all the time but try and make the most of the time you have together as there is lots of fun to be had if you use your imaginations! ;-) My children and I have been building dens, making things with playdough and taking part in Joe Wicks' PE session each morning before we start our lessons for the day.


I have been working on the Lego challenge with my children, Evie and James - have you been able to make anything yet? So far we have made the roller coaster and the space rocket. I have posted some photos of what we've made but we would love to see if you have made anything. If you do make something and take a photo or video of it please send it to us at This is the email that Mr Thompson used when you all sent in your science clips last term so I will check it everyday and then try and load them up on this page so we can all see our wonderful creations! ;-)


Take care and be kind to each other and myself and Mrs Firmage will be back in touch soon.

Love Mrs Clough


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Thinking about our last topic, Katie Morag, I was thinking it might be fun to set up messages via torchlight - just like Katie does with Grannie Island every night before she goes to bed.

I have included the International Morse code alphabet below so you could spell out your own message and then if you have a friend who lives opposite you, you could flash your torches to each other, spelling out your message. Try writing down what your friend is saying to you too.

Have fun! ;-)

Picture 1

Welcome to Class 2.


Your teachers this year will be Mrs Firmage (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Clough (Thursday-Friday).

We will also have Mrs Mitchell, Ms Pearson and Ms Cooper working with us in class.


We are all really looking forward to working with you.


If you would like to talk to us about anything please feel free to come and see us when we are on the playground at the beginning of the day or in the classroom at the end of the day.


We will try to hear every child read at least once each week so

please make sure your child's reading book is at school every day.


P.E. will be on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY.


This year we are challenging all the children in Class 2 to read as many books as they can from our 50 book challenge. The chosen books are quality texts that vary in difficulty, some of the books your child will be able to read to you and others will need to be read together or to your child. Once they have read a book they will be asked to tell us about the story and say whether they enjoyed it or not and why.