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Monday 6th July


Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely week last week and enjoyed a rather windy weekend! smiley


Mrs Clough was in work again last week having a lovely time with the Year 1 bubble. We were learning all about the Oceans and the children created some fab ocean artwork. It sounds a bit silly but I got very excited as well when Mrs Kemplay gave me a brand new desk and office chair for my SENCO office that I share with Mrs Maltby! Mrs Maltby kept laughing at me because I didn't leave me desk all day Friday because it was so lovely to work in such a comfy place. It's the small things eh that make the difference... laugh


Mrs Clough took her family to Staunton Harold Reservoir to have a socially distant walk and play with her sister and her nephews on Saturday. It was lovely around there. Unfortunately the playground was still closed but we skimmed some stones, fed the ducks, played football and enjoyed a walk around the reservoir. I reckon we'll definitely come back on a sunny day when the playground is open as it looked great and it was a lovely view overlooking the water.


On Sunday we went to see Evie and James' Grandma and Grandpa for a play in their garden and a spot of socially distanced dinner. We can't wait until we can start to do things normally again but we understand why we have to follow the rules and it is still lovely to see them.


Remember to keep us updated with the fab things you are doing at home. It always puts a smile on our faces. Send your stuff to


Take care and speak to you next week.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage


Monday 29th June


Hi everyone.

Hope you have all had yet another wonderful week and no one melted in the scorching weather we had?! smiley Wow, hasn't it been hot! And then to follow we've had some amazing thunderstorms. Mrs Clough sat with her husband and children one evening with the patio doors open as it was so warm still, watching the sky light up with all the amazing lightening - it was a fantastic sight.

Mrs Clough had her first week back properly, teaching the Year 1 Bubble that have come back to school. We have had a lovely time, getting back to the school routine of doing maths and English in the mornings and then exploring our new surroundings in the afternoon. We eased in gently as for a few of them it was their first time they'd been back since lockdown began, plus it was so hot some days that ice lollies were a constant treat in the afternoon! Even though it is very nice to be back teaching properly I do miss you all so much and can't wait to see you all back in school, whenever that can happen.

On my day off, on Wednesday, I enjoyed playing in the sun with Evie and James. We had a water bomb fight and got the sprinkler out so we were all nice and refreshed after that. I have also been building a Super Zing tower with James out of an old cardboard box. When we eventually finish it I'll take a picture and show you. Evie has been making her own Top Trump cards too, copying her favourite Pokeman characters on to them - they look great.

I also took Evie and James to see their Nana on Saturday for a socially distant lunch. I was a bit worried about the weather but we managed to still have a nice time in the garden. They were sad they still couldn't hug her yet but it was lovely to see her face to face instead of on a WhatsApp video chat! wink


Mrs Firmage was also at work last week, sorting out reading books ready for September.

On Thursday and Friday I enjoyed playing in the garden with J and L, we had a paddling pool out and lots of water balloons! We planted some more vegetables in our vegetable garden and picked some strawberries that had grown. We also picked our first radishes which we ate in a salad, although L didn't like them at all! 

Over the weekend we went to see their Grandma who because she lives on her own can now be part of our 'bubble'. J and L were VERY excited as they were allowed to hug her after all this time. 


The work we have set is a little different this week as all of the teachers are now in school each day. Most of the activities are on Oak national Academy and there are videos to watch before doing an activity. 


As always, please send us an email at sharing what you have been up to.

Take care and have a great week.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage


22nd June


Hello everyone,


Hope you've all had a great week. It was nice to see the sun come out on occasion this week but we still had some cracking storms didn't we!

I don't know if you saw but the village where Mrs Clough lives was on the news as the high street flooded on Wednesday. The rain came down so quickly in such a short space of time it completely covered the road. I remember it being a Wednesday as Evie was having her Brownie Zoom meeting and her Brown Owl runs the Florist on the high street and she had to dash off at the beginning of the call to check her shop was ok. Luckily she was near the end of the high street and it didn't get under her front door but there were some houses that got caught out.


Mrs Clough was in work 3 days last week but on Monday I built a great den with Evie, James and their daddy in the woods at the country park round the corner from us. I've put some pictures below but I'm not sure how well you can see it. Unfortunately though when we came back to see it Saturday someone had either taken it down or all the heavy rain and wind had knocked the walls down. The roof was still intact though so we had fun rebuilding it!

The Den!

The Den! 1
The Den! 2
The Den! 3


Sunday was obviously Father's Day so Evie, James and I treated their Daddy to breakfast in bed. Evie helped me make poached egg on toast and James helped make a strawberry smoothie. It was lovely - if you want to try it, it was made up of 10 strawberries, 1 banana and 100ml of Orange juice - all whizzed up - delicious!  We then went for a walk round Cotgrave country park. We saw a beautiful dragonfly by the pond and lots of dogs. There was a pond that had been especially built for the dogs to swim in and as we walked past there were 3 dogs running round and jumping in, having the time of their lives - looked lots of fun!

 We hope you all had a lovely Sunday with the very special someone in your lives? If you want to tell us about it or anything else you got up to then please email us at


Mrs Firmage had a busy week. We did some work in the garden, moving lots of plants so that we can have more grass to play football on! Our vegetable patch is coming on well and we have tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, potatoes, radishes, beetroot and carrots growing now.


Following Mrs Clough's recommendation we visited Beacon Hill Country Park and had a wonderful afternoon. J and l enjoyed climbing on the rocks and up high into the trees. They found a tree that had been chopped down and the trunk on its side was taller than them! We walked through the woods and found some carved sculptures before eating enormous ice creams to keep us going before walking again.


On Sunday J and L made their Daddy a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and then we went for a walk along the canal and luckily avoided the storm that was heading our way, although we did hear lots of thunder.



We are very lucky that we get to hear what some of you are up to but we know there are a lot more of you doing fantastic work and exciting things, so please, if you can, send us a photo to the class email address - it would be great to hear from you.


Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage are both in school their normal days this week so we will still be of course leaving you work to do and checking our emails to see what you have been up to but if we are not replying as quickly as we used to then please be patient and we will get back to you. Promise!


Take care of yourselves and keep smiling.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage

15th June


Hi everyone,

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend? Hooray that the sun came back out for a bit too! cool


Saying that though, Mrs Clough has had a lovely rainy week with Evie and James. It got to the point where we had exhausted all of our board and card games so we decided just to throw on waterproof trousers, tug on wellies and go splash in lots of puddles! On one of the days we drove to a really interesting place called Beacon Hill which is actually an old volcano and boasts some of the oldest rocks in England and Wales! The rocks were formed from fine volcanic ash that settled on what was the seabed around 600 million years ago and if you think that dinosaurs were around only 65 million years ago then you realise that's really old! The children loved climbing on the rocks and seeing the wonderful view you get from the top, plus there were some great trees to climb too!


We all had a lovely time on Saturday too - with the ease of lockdown allowing a single person to join someone else's 'bubble' Mrs Clough's husband asked his brother, Evie and James' Uncle, to come for lunch. He lives on his own, so sadly, hasn't been lucky enough to hug anyone for over 10 weeks but I'm pleased to say Evie and James made up for that! They wouldn't let him go all day and he loved it! It was really lovely to see. It just goes to show how important touch is. smiley


Mrs Firmage was at work with for three days this week so at the end of the week we had lots of fun doing art work, we made salt pictures and did lots of drawing with family over WhatsApp. We like following the instructions on ART FOR KIDS HUB. This week we had a go at drawing a toucan and a crocodile.


J and L also got to hug their Mamma for the first time in 12 weeks, they were all very excited!


Hope you've all had a wonderful week. Thanks to those children who have emailed us to tell and show us what they've have been up to - it really does make our week to know you are all doing well. Please, if you haven't been in touch yet, have a go if you can.


Take care and keep those fingers crossed for more sunshine!

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage


8th June



Bit of a mixed week last week, weather wise but hopefully you've all still had a fantastic one?


Mrs Clough was at school three days so haven't been at home as much with the family but still had a good one. When it's not been raining we have been out for some bike rides and lovely walks by the canal and around lots of different farms and fields, bumping into lots of dogs being walked, much to Evie and James delight. Unfortunately because we have to keep our distance still, they can't stroke the dogs as much as they want to but it's good to see them still. We've also been playing 'Boules' in our garden which is a game played with weighted balls. The first person has to roll a little ball a distance from them and then the aim is to roll your balls towards the little one - the closest ball wins. James and Evie love it and they are getting really good.

When it has been raining, apart from our home learning, we've been playing lots of card games - Go Fish and Chase the Ace, along with the game Guess Who.

Mrs Firmage has also been out on bike rides and walks along the canal. We have also been baking again for J and L's Daddy's birthday. We had lots of fun making a birthday cake and even more fun eating it!


Here is a link to an NSPCC assembly called 'Speak out, stay safe' with Ant and Dec. We hope you enjoy watching it.


Hope you all have a lovely week this week and we look forward to hearing what you've been up to. Send us an email or photo to


Remember you have the work in the folders below to have a go at, as well as the challenges we have set on Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and TT Rockstars. There's also Mrs Clough's weekly art challenge. This week it involves sound! Go, check it out on the Art Challenge page, under the children's section.


Take care.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage

1st June


Hi everyone. Hope you all had a relaxing but fun half term holiday?


First things first, the answers to the riddles were - 1st = eyes, 2nd = an egg and 3rd = a dandelion. Well done to those children who got them correct! 


Mrs Clough had a lovely week and Evie and James particularly enjoyed it because there was no home learning! smiley I just want to say Mrs Firmage and I are all so proud of you all for sticking to the rules that are being set us and still working and playing really well. Today will be ten weeks of the lockdown and I know for some (or most) that will have been tough doing your work from home, with someone else teaching you and not being able to go out and see your friends from school. I know my Evie is desperate to get back to school to see her friends but obviously can't until we are told that her year group can go back. This is making her quite upset and angry and we've had lots of times when she's cried this past week but, like I told Evie, it's ok to be mad and upset. But most of all it's good to tell someone how you feel, share your worries and your thoughts because like the saying goes, "A problem shared is a problem halved." So please if you're worried about anything or feeling a bit cross that you can't do anything then please tell someone you trust and hopefully it will make you feel better.


Well, this week Mrs Clough has been enjoying the sun with lots of water play - we had a fantastic water bomb fight with our neighbours which Evie and James loved. To keep to the socially distance laws we both stood in our own front gardens and used our front hedges as protection while we threw water bombs across to try and hit the neighbours. We got soaked - it was great fun! It became even more chaotic though when Evie and James' Daddy came out and hosed us all down! What a cheat eh! smiley 


We have been on some lovely walks around our village too. It's nice being able to use the time to explore somewhere you lived for ages but never really had time to see properly. And that's another thing I told Evie when she was upset. Even though this lockdown has been frustrating I'm really happy about the time I've had to spend with her and James. Time I wouldn't have normally had due to working all the time so we have to think of the positives.


So lets keep thinking about the positives and hopefully we will see each other very soon.


Mrs Firmage has had a busy half term as well. We also had a water fight with our neighbours and my two got very wet when our neighbour used her hose pipe on them! They have spent much of the week in our pool, but the water was far too cold for me!


We have biked to a nearby country park and ended up cycling just over 9 miles! I think my legs will hurt in the morning! But we did see lots of wildlife including a Great Crested Grebe catching a fish.


It really has been lovely to be able to spend more time together as a family doing things that we do not usually have time to do, after watching Springwatch on the BBC we decided to create a wildlife area in our garden and as well as our bug hotel we now have a small wildlife pond in an old Belfast sink. I will let you know if any wildlife comes to live in it.


Take care and have a great week.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage


25th May

Hello. smiley

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and are getting ready to have an enjoyable Half Term!!


Hasn't it been windy this weekend! Mrs Clough went for a walk with her family yesterday and there were so many branches and leaves on the ground because of the wind. Evie and James spent a lot of time trying to catch a falling leaf but couldn't - it proved very difficult. I challenge you to have a go and let us know if you manage it. 

Unfortunately Mrs Clough's little green house that her family put together blew over too and started to roll around the garden. All the soil came out of poor Evie's plant pots but because it had collected in the polythene cover of the greenhouse we were able to save a lot of the seedlings and put them back in their pots. Phew!


Because it is Half term we have not set any work for you this week. Hooray I hear you cry! smiley However I have still set you an Art Challenge if you fancy doing a bit of Art this week. You will find the details, as always on the Art Challenge page. Please send in your fabulous creations to our email address; along with any other pictures you care to share with us.


If you haven't looked for a while too, there are some fab new stories read by some of the staff, on our YouTube channel. 


Evie and I have just finished reading 'Mary Poppins in the Park' - a book that Evie has really enjoyed. However, in chapter three Michael, one of the children has an unusual day, where he finds himself transported to another world ruled by Cats! The King of the Cats wants to keep him as his slave but he gives him a chance to escape by answering three riddles. Well, Evie and I found these riddles really tricky. I couldn't work out any of them but Evie managed to answer the second. So, I wondered if you could try and figure them out and let us know by email, what your answers are?

Here are the three riddles;


"Round as a marble, blue as the sea,

Unless I am brown or grey, maybe!

Smile, and I shine my window-pane,

Frown at me and down comes my rain.

I see all things but nothing I hear,

Sing me to sleep and I disappear."

"Deep within me is a bird

And in that bird another me,

And in that me a bird again -

Now what am I, in letters three?"



"Elegant the jungle beast

That lives in field and fold.

He's like the sun when he is young

And like the moon when old.

He sees no clock, he hears no chime

And yet he always knows the time."


I'll see how many answers you send in and I will give you the answers next weekend when I write again, adding the children's names who got them correct.


Another fun activity to do this weekend has been given to us by Mr Thompson. He has created a fantastic 'Where's Wally' type of picture where you have to try and spot all the Melbury Staff instead. We have had a go and its lots of fun, so have a look below and see who you can spot.


Where's the Melbury Staff?

Where's the Melbury Staff? 1

Hope you all have lots of fun this Half term. We are in school with the key worker children still but we are hoping that we get to see you very soon.

Take care as always, keep smiling and be kind and caring to each other.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage


Hello everyone! Hope you have all had another good week and you have some exciting news you can share with us via our class email;


To start with Mr Thompson has asked us to share this booklet with you. It is full of games and activities for you and your children to try out for
an afternoon of fun – right from your own homes! All the games and activities have been created to help get your child active while they are playing and help to boost your child’s development and learning. Mr Thompson is going is asking you to get involved with the games Thursday Afternoon - 21st May, so why not join in the fun!

This week Mrs Clough went to see her Mum for the first time since lock down began. I sat at the bottom of her garden while she sat at the top on the patio and we had a really nice chat. Video chats are really good but you can't beat seeing someone in the flesh. It was hard not to give her a hug goodbye but we were both sensible and kept our social distance. After seeing my mum I stopped by my sisters to wave and chat through her front window and see my two nephews. They had made a lovely sign saying We miss you! which made me want to cry! Then it was on to see my Dad and have a chat with him on his driveway before heading home. One lovely afternoon spent spreading the love! He he!

Apart from that, Mrs Clough's week has been filled with Home Learning with Evie and James amongst trying to do my school work too. I was in school Thursday and had a lovely day with the children there. Evie had her first Brownie Zoom chat with her Brownie pack. She had a lovely time. They started with a show and tell of the craft they had done that week, followed by an origami lesson and then a quiz. It was quite funny hearing them all trying to sing the Brownie song because everyone can't hear each other at the same time so they were all a little out of sync. It was a great idea though and Evie loved seeing all her friends she hadn't seen for ages. James had a 'chat' with his friend too this week but because he's only 5 they mostly just plays games and makes faces on messenger and they barely say a word to each other. wink  It makes him feel like he's seen his friend though so it's worth it!

We've also been on lots of bike rides, walks round the park and tending to our seedlings that we are growing in our new mini greenhouse.

Mrs Firmage has also been going on lots of bike rides and walks, we are enjoying finding new places.

This week J and L have been baking with their cousins over WhatsApp, they all made some delicious cookies. We have seen lots of friends as we walk round the village, but we have remembered to stay 2m apart. We have also been doing lots of bug hunting, we have found lots of minibeasts while digging in the garden, yesterday we found a strange chrysalis in the soil and so we are going to have to do some research to find out what it is. I will try and take a photo later for you.


Enough about us though - what have you been up to?


Take care and keep being safe.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage.

Video to Melbury Staff

Thank you to everyone who took part in the video for Melbury staff! We are both so touched and even though it made us cry we loved every minute off it and it was wonderful to see all your smiling faces. Some of you look like you've grown so much! 

It has made us miss you even more and we really can't wait to see you again soon. 

Take care and keep smiling. 

If you haven't seen it yet click on the link below. 

Thank you again.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage

A wonderful video from our fabulous Melbury families


Hello! Hope you all had a fantastic week last week and enjoyed celebrating VE Day on Friday. Please have a look in the 'VE Pictures' folder to see what Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage got up to on VE Day as well as your class mates.


If you haven't already, please send in pictures of your VE Day celebrations or anything else you would like to share with us. Our email address is


If you have been on our Class page recently you will have noticed we have got several new folders up. There is a chance to watch the video of the teachers sending happy messages to you all and a chance to listen to a story from some of the staff. We have also created a folder filled with news from your classmates. This contains information about what Class Two's superstars have been up to during the week - which always makes Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage smile. It can be any news you'd like to share, starting from all the wonderful work you have been doing ,to if you've learnt a new skill like riding your bike, or juggling or saying your numbers to 20 in Spanish! There is also a folder for Stars of the week. These are split up into three categories; the children who have completed the Reading Eggs and TT Rockstars challenges and the children who have completed or achieved something different that week. So if you'd like to have chance at appearing in one of the those folders start emailing us what you have been up to! smiley


Lots of you are going on Reading Eggs and completing the activities set. Don't forget to go on TT Rockstars as well. We think we have set it so most of you can practise your 10 and then 2 times tables this week. Let's see how many of you can have a go.


Take care as always and have a fab week.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage.



VE Day

It is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday and we would love you to send in your photos of what you got up to on that day so we can put them on our class page. Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage are going to have a party in their front gardens like the poster shows below.

We have also put lots of VE day activities underneath for you to do on the day or to make for the celebrations. Have fun!

75th VE Day. Stay at home Street Party

75th VE Day. Stay at home Street Party 1

Week beginning 04.05.20

Hi everyone! Hope you've had a lovely weekend and are raring to go for another fantastic, creative week!

Mrs Clough has had a busy week painting her living room - it is now a colourful grey and yellow! Evie has helped by 'rollering' (not really a word!) the paint while I paint all around the edges with a paintbrush. Just need to complete the second coat and then it will be finished!

It was also Mrs Clough's Dad's 70th birthday on Sunday so I took part in a 'Zoom' chat with my children and husband, my sister and her family and my Dad. We decorated the living room with balloons and a birthday banner so my Dad could see. We also made a cake that we pretended to blow the candle out on. It was lovely to chat to everyone together, if not a little chaotic! laugh If you haven't already maybe you could set up a group chat with your family and friends, sure it will be lots of fun.Mrs Clough's daughter, Evie has also been writing letters and drawing pictures for her friends like Mrs Firmage suggested last week and delivering them by bike. James has been practising his writing too by writing to his Great Grandma as she lives in an Elderly Care home and she loves receiving letters.

Evie and James have come across a programme, on iplayer called 'Dengineers' which has inspired them to make their own den. Why don't you have a go at making your own and send us some pictures!

Mrs Firmage has had a busy week as well. I was at school on Monday with Ms Cooper and Mrs Pritchett looking after the children who have to come to school because their parents are key workers. For the rest of the week my children had lots of work set for me to help them with and we continued our walks and bike rides. We had a few chats on WhatsApp with family and friends which cheered us all up. It is very strange not to see everyone isn't it? But think how lovely it will be when you can see your family and friends again.

Remeber to email us to tell us some of the things you have been up to

Well done to Hamid, Jacob, Mason, Sam Tyler, Ava, Lincoln and Aimee who all had a go at their Reading Eggs and Eggspress challenges last week. Don't forget there are more challenges for this week so have a go and see if you can complete it.

There is also a great website, that you should go and have a look at, that has lots of activities to try.

Keep emailing us and sending in your pictures of what you've been up to as well. Aimee and Sam have sent us some great pictures of what they have been doing.

Aimee's colouful skeleton

Aimee's colouful skeleton 1

Sam's great maths.

Sam's great maths. 1

Lots of people have also entered the Weekly Art Challenge that you can find on the Art Challenge page, under 'Children'.

Mrs Clough has put the second Weekly Art Challenge up so please send her your artistic efforts so I can put them up in the Art Challenge Gallery. There's also the story challenge that Peter, the artist, has set for you so if you fancy, have a go at that too.


Last but not least have lots of fun, don't get too anxious about work, just do what you can and keep smiling with your family.

We miss you all so much and can't wait to hear from Mr Boris Johnson when we can see each other again.

Take care.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage.



HOORAY!! You can now email Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough on a class email. We are really looking forward to seeing pictures of your work and things you are doing at home. You could also write a letter to us to let us know how you are.

The email address is

We will read and reply to emails every Friday. 

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are well and keeping safe. It has been lovely to get some emails to see the work that some of you have been doing.

This week my family have been keeping busy by going for lots of walks, we went pond dipping and have been on bike rides, we even managed to cycle for 8 miles yesterday! My legs are a little sore today! I have put some of the photos of things we saw below. We have been doing lots of baking, there is a picture of the cake we made this week. 


My two are really missing their friends now as we are sure that you are. Maybe you could write one of your friends a letter and either post it through their door safely when you go out for a walk or save it until we return to school.


There are some great resources out there to help with your school work at the moment if you can access them.

BBC bitesize has a Maths, English and extracurricular lesson every day with videos to help

Phonics play also have a mobile version of their website which is free for all to access at the moment which has lots of great phonics games.

Lots of you have been doing the spelling and reading lessons and have been reading the online books on Reading Eggs and completing the tasks we set.

Keep safe

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Things Mrs Firmage has done this week.

Things Mrs Firmage has done this week. 1
Things Mrs Firmage has done this week. 2
Things Mrs Firmage has done this week. 3
Things Mrs Firmage has done this week. 4
Things Mrs Firmage has done this week. 5
We thought you would all like to know that Maisie is fine and doing well after having the glass removed from her knee.
Picture 1

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend - another sunny one, yeah!

We have been very impressed again this week with how many of you have completed the Reading Egg challenges we have set you. Well done to Aimee, Ava, Hamid, Mason, Sam, Winni, Willow, Aalayah, Kane and to Connie too! It's lovely to be able to say some new names that have joined in the challenges each week.


There are some new challenges on there now but don't worry about them until next week as it's Saturday today - time to relax, play and enjoy that sun! The deadline as always, is next Friday so Good luck! 


Remember, there is also a challenge on the Reading Eggspress page to try. If you find this too tricky it's still ok to share the reading with a sibling or adult and then have a go at answering the questions together. Any practice is good practice. smiley


Well, I'm off now to play a new game we had delivered yesterday. It's called Dixit. It is a story telling game and it is lots of fun, Evie and James are really enjoying it.


Take care and will speak to you soon.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage 

Story challenge

Our wonderful resident artist, Peter has sent me an email wishing you all the very best in this tricky time. He has also sent me a beautiful book he has written called 'Rainbow Stories' which has been created from stories told by children of Arboretum Nursery School, Nottingham. If you can, please have a read of it and let me know what you think. What was your favourite story? Could you perhaps write your own story and email it to me?


Peter has also suggested some questions that might help you start writing;


  • Why do you think the Tree Ghost stops crying at the end of its story?
  • What do you think happened next to the Tree Ghost?
  • Why do you think the Big Baddy Shadow Monster ate the little mouse?
  • What could the little mouse have done to avoid the Big Baddy Shadow Monster?
  • The Star Fish and the Spider were very different to each other. How did their story have a happy ending?
  • Can you imagine a story about them, or anyone else in the book?
  • Why do you think Fred and Freida the garden gloves are always arguing?
  • What is the best thing about Fred and Freida being together?
  • What do you think has happened to Grandpa and the Little girl in the story?
  • Why do you think they like spending so much time together?
  • Why do you think it’s important to tell each other stories?
  • What do you think when you see a rainbow in the sky?

Sam and his younger brother have been having lots of fun again and getting creative. Here are some of their wonderful pictures.

Thank you Sam and Leslie!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Hello everyone.

Hope you all had a lovely sunny St. George's day yesterday? My friend sent me a funny video she had done, with her children, in her garden for St. George's day. Her daughter had dressed up as the princess, her son as St. George and she was the dragon that George killed. It was great!


I would like to share some fantastic art work that Aimee sent us yesterday. She calls her piece, hot and cold hands and I think it is wonderful. It's really colourful and you can tell exactly which is the hot hand and which is the cold hand. Can you? What colours do you think of when you think of cold and what colours for hot?


Thank you Aimee. Keep the fantastic photos coming along with information about what you are up to.

Take care, Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage


Hot and cold hands by Aimee

Hot and cold hands by Aimee 1
Hot and cold hands by Aimee 2

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know I have set up a new Art challenge page on the school website. You will be able to find it under 'Children', then 'ART CHALLENGE'.

In this section there are lots of ideas for Art that you can do with everyday objects at home. As well as this I will be setting you a WEEKLY ART CHALLENGE. If you choose to take part in the challenge you can send me a photo of your amazing art work to and I will display it in the ART CHALLENGE GALLERY.


I hope some of you will have a look as I know we have some fantastic artists in Class 2! smiley


Can't wait to see your artwork!

Mrs Clough

Hi Class 2,

Well another week has passed and we are still really missing you and your wonderful smiley faces.smiley

Mrs Clough tells me that some of you have been doing really well with you Reading Eggs challenges. Well done.

My children and I have spent a lot of time in the garden looking at minibeasts and building dens, we have also been on lots of bike rides down the canal near to our house and have seen lots of butterflies. Have you seen any butterflies on your walks or in your gardens? I have added a butterfly spotting sheet so you can try and name the ones you see.

We have finished reading The Folk of the Faraway Tree and it was really exciting to find out about lots of magical lands that visited the top of the tree. We have now started reading The Girl Who Stole an Elephant which is a story about a girl called Chaya who steals the Queen's jewels from the palace. Her friend, Neel is captured and accused of stealing them and Chaya is now making a plan to rescue him. What books are you reading at the moment? Write to us and tell us all about them.

This weeks grid and work is below and I will try really hard to remember to put the answers on here on Friday! You can also have a look on the BBC Bitesize page. They have some really good daily lessons now. There are Maths and English lessons but also some for Geography, History and Music.

Keep staying safe and hopefully we will see you all soon.

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Well done Ava - fantastic VE day poster. We're impressed with all the information you found out. smiley
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We have had a wonderful email from Sam and his brother Leslie. Sounds like they have been having a fantastic time learning and creating! We love the fact you have been butterfly spotting like Mrs Firmage has. My James was very impressed you have made water bombs too, I know he would like to have a water fight in all this sunshine! smiley  We haven't got any water bombs but we have been using the sprinkler to cool us down.

We're glad you are reading as well. My children loved the story, The Boy in the Dress. After you have finished it I think the film might be on BBC iplayer so you could see if the characters in the film are anything like what you imagined in the book? Maybe you could write a book review for us and tell us what you liked about the story.

I'm glad you enjoyed the new Jungle Book film too. My children and I watched that recently and they really loved it.

Thank you for sharing lots of wonderful pictures with us too. I have put a few on for everyone to see if that's ok.

Take care and hope to hear from lots more of you soon!

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage

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Hi everyone,

I have just received an email from The Royal Academy of Art and they are holding their Young Artists’ Summer Show again this year. It is a free, open submission exhibition for young people aged 5 - 19 years, taking place both online and on-site at the Royal Academy of Arts to recognise talented young artists.

The deadline is 24th April, (this Friday) so if you are interested in emailing me any artwork that you are proud of and have created recently then please do and I can email it to the Academy.

It can be a sketch, painting, clay model, mosaic or collage etc. It could be a piece about Lockdown and how you are feeling at the moment, showing the things you miss the most or enjoy the most about the situation?

Have a think but most of all have fun and don't forget to email me them at  by Friday 24th April.

Thank you, Mrs Clough

Hello again,


Just wanted to send our best to Maisie who apparently has finally had the glass removed from her knee! Hooray! Hope it went smoothly and you are recovering nicely in the sunshine. Mrs Clough, Mrs Firmage and Mrs Mitchell are thinking of you.


Also it has been a pleasure seeing what Ava has been up to at home. Read the list below of all the amazing things she told us about and see a couple of photos we were able to put up! 

Thank you Ava!


* Ava enjoys playing Bingo with her family, we also join our extended family on Zoom so we can all play together. Using pennies to help with counting and maths too. We also do a sat quiz night on zoom with our extended family too. 

* Ava competes in Freestyle Dance and so is really missing her dance sessions in the studio and being with her dance family. So her dance school have been doing online classes and shes been able to keep in touch with her friends and has been given tasks to do.

* Every Thurs we clap, bang, whistle for the NHS. 

* Ava did write Captain Tom Moore a birthday card and on our daily walk we posted it in the letter box. 

* Ava's little sister turned 3 over Easter and we had a nice lockdown birthday together. 

* We had messy fun making Slime.


Remember you can email us at

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Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. It felt very unusual yesterday to have rain but it gave me opportunity to play lots of board games with Evie and James. Evie was also able to finish off her crafts project that her Brown Owl (from Brownies) had set her. She created a wonderful rainbow troll picture which she'd cut out from felt and foam and sewed onto a piece of material. Her brown Owl hopes that when they all get back together they can sew everyone's pieces of material together to create a wonderful quilt cover. While Evie did this James and I did some jigsaws and had a playfight, (which James loves to do!) wink


We want to say well done to Aalayah, Ava, Ben, Hamid, Jacob, Maisie, Oliver, Sam and Winni for having a go at the Reading Egg challenges we set last week. We have added some more challenges for this week, including a spelling one for something a little different. The deadline for these if Friday 24th - so Good luck! Please let us know if you are finding the challenges too easy or too hard and we will have a look for something that suits you more. Or if you just want to tell us something exciting you've done then don't forget to email us at and address it to Mrs Firmage or myself (Mrs Clough).


Have a lovely week. Fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!


Miss you all tremendously. Take care.

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and that you have had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully for those of you that celebrate Easter the Easter Bunny found you all and delivered some delicious chocolate eggs. 

At home we had a very eggsciting! Easter egg hunt around our garden and lots of eggs were found and swiftly eaten! 

I am really sorry that I didn't put the answers to last weeks work on here on Friday but the answers are below. 

We have set some more activities for this week and hope lots of you will have a go at them.

Did anyone have a go at making their own parachute? Let us know how you got on or send some pictures to us through 

Hopefully you are all being kind and helpful to everyone in your house and behaving as beautifully as we know you all can.

We are missing you lots and lots and hopefully if we all keep doing as the Government tell us we will be able to return to school safely.

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough



Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoying the sunshine in your gardens.

Just wanted to say congratulations to Layton, Ava and Oliver who also completed the reading challenge we set, before the Wednesday deadline - well done to you!

And a special congratulations to Sam who was the only person who attempted the reading comprehension too - what a superstar! 🏅


We have set you another reading challenge if you'd like to give it a go and a few of you, the reading comprehension challenge on reading eggspress. The deadline isn't till next Friday though so enjoy your Easter weekend and don't worry about it till next week and even then you don't have to as it should be the Easter holidays! 😁 

Take care of yourselves and stay at home and enjoy the sun there. 

Miss you lots. 

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage. 




Oo, just to say as well, for those of you who are allowed on the website I have posted the videos of you sailing your amazing propelled boats that we made on the last day. They are under Class 2, in the DT section at the bottom. Hope you're making use of them in the bath! smiley

Have a look at the other subject pages to show your families what you have been up to.




Hi Class 2,

Just want to say well done to Aalayah, Aimee, Ben, Hamid, Jacob, Mason, Sam, Winni and Willow for completing the reading eggs assessment we set you. Remember you've got until Wednesday to have a go if you can. There's also a reading comprehension that no one has had a go at yet so if you have a moment why not challenge yourself.


If you can, take a look at this week's learning grid that is posted below. There are lots of great ideas to get you started on a piece of writing, or maths or even Science. As it says, the answers to the arithmetic questions will be posted Friday so good luck!


Some other good websites to look at are;


My family have been working out to Joe Wicks every morning. My children and I especially liked the dress up one on Friday. James dressed up as Spider-man and Evie was Batman. I just wore a superhero mask. wink

We have been enjoying the sunshine recently and have been playing lots of card games in the garden. My children especially like playing 'Chase the ace' and 'Go fish'. There have been endless games of Uno too which my son James always seems to win! Evie and I like to lie on our backs in the garden and talk about what the clouds look like. We saw quite a few dragons today and a unicorn with a huge tail!


I know Mrs Firmage has finished the Faraway Tree with her children and has started another adventure story. She has also been on some really interesting walks with them, searching for different insects.


We would both love to hear and see what you have been up to so if you would like to email us and tell us then please do. The email address

In an earlier post I asked you to send your Lego pictures etc in to the Science website but if you can send everything to the admin email address above instead, then that would be great. Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing some of your pictures or videos.


Take care and keep smiling. 

Miss you lots!

Mrs Clough and Mrs Firmage

Hi Class 2.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather still. We have been busy marking the assessments you did before we finished school and were really impressed at how well you all did. Hopefully you are continuing to do some work at home. 

Here is this weeks working from home grid and some extra maths arithmetic, reasoning and grammar for those of you that would like extra things to keep you busy. We will put the answers on here on Friday.

Keep any work you do for us to see when we return to school or email it to school at the admin address above. We are really missing you and can't wait until it is safe to see you all again.


Hi everyone!

Well, we're half way through our second week away from school so hopefully you are finding some sort of routine to help you get through your day?

We have been very impressed with your efforts on Reading eggs so far. Another assignment has been set for you to complete by next week so have a go. ;-) Also if you have created any Lego masterpieces or developed a secret message using the code then please let us know by writing a message or sending a photo to

Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and are outside lots enjoying the sunshine, wrap up nice and warm on cold days.


Well done to all of you who have been going on READING EGGS. Aalayah, Ben, Lincoln, Maisie, hamid, Mason, Lilly, Aisha, Thomas, Alex, jacob, Sam, Willow, Aimee, Ava and Louie, WELL DONE GUYS! Ava, Hamid, Maisie, Mason, Sam and Willow well done on completing your spelling assignment for the week, remember everyone else you have until Thursday to do it. We have set a reading assignment for this week.


Remember to also go on TT ROCKSTARS. You have to do the placement test 10 times for it to set to your level.


Sam, your time capsule you have done with your family looks amazing. You are a star!


We have thought carefully about some work for you this week as well as your Reading eggs and Tt Rockstars and have uploaded a grid with ideas for you. remember you do not have to do anything but keep anything you do to show us when we return to school.


Missing you all lots

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Working from home grid

23.03.20 - Week 1

Hello everybody! We hope that you are all keeping safe and that although everything is very strange and confusing you are all okay.


Remember you can do lots of work on TT Rockstars and Reading Eggs to keep you busy.


We have set a spelling task for you to do on Reading Eggs this week. How many of you can complete it?

Well done Willow and Ava who have already done this. Willow we owe you 8 certificates for your reading eggs work so far!!! WOW!! Aalayah you have also received one certificate which we will keep safe.


Mrs Firmage has been reading The Folk of The Faraway Tree with her children.

The children in the story are trying to get a magic land called The Land of the Giants.

Can you write a story about what you think might happen in The Land of the Giants or draw a picture of a giant? 


As the weather is so lovely you could do lots of activities in your garden if you have one. You could do some gardening or make an obstacle course from your toys. 


All of the adults in Class 2 miss you all and hope we are all back in school soon.

Mrs Firmage and Mrs Clough


Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the time you have with your family? I know it can be hard living under the same roof as your brother or sister all the time but try and make the most of the time you have together as there is lots of fun to be had if you use your imaginations! ;-) My children and I have been building dens, making things with playdough and taking part in Joe Wicks' PE session each morning before we start our lessons for the day.


I have been working on the Lego challenge with my children, Evie and James - have you been able to make anything yet? So far we have made the roller coaster and the space rocket. I have posted some photos of what we've made but we would love to see if you have made anything. If you do make something and take a photo or video of it please send it to us at We will then try and load them up on this page so we can all see our wonderful creations! ;-)


Take care and be kind to each other and myself and Mrs Firmage will be back in touch soon.

Love Mrs Clough


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Thinking about our last topic, Katie Morag, I was thinking it might be fun to set up messages via torchlight - just like Katie does with Grannie Island every night before she goes to bed.

I have included the International Morse code alphabet below so you could spell out your own message and then if you have a friend who lives opposite you, you could flash your torches to each other, spelling out your message. Try writing down what your friend is saying to you too.

Have fun! ;-)

Picture 1

Welcome to Class 2.


Your teachers this year will be Mrs Firmage (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Clough (Thursday-Friday).

We will also have Mrs Mitchell, Ms Pearson and Ms Cooper working with us in class.


We are all really looking forward to working with you.


If you would like to talk to us about anything please feel free to come and see us when we are on the playground at the beginning of the day or in the classroom at the end of the day.


We will try to hear every child read at least once each week so

please make sure your child's reading book is at school every day.


P.E. will be on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY.


This year we are challenging all the children in Class 2 to read as many books as they can from our 50 book challenge. The chosen books are quality texts that vary in difficulty, some of the books your child will be able to read to you and others will need to be read together or to your child. Once they have read a book they will be asked to tell us about the story and say whether they enjoyed it or not and why.