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Weekly update 30.03.2020

Shout out and a big well done to those who have logged onto Times Table Rockstars or Reading Eggs! 

Reading Eggs:

Ben and Ella - you are the only two who have completed the challenges set by me this week. Well done!


Times Table Rockstars:







You have been on ALOT! Well done! It is lovely to see:)








You have began to practise this week! Well done guys, keep going!


More shout outs next week! Keep working hard guys! I am so proud of you all :)

Class four!

I hope you are all well and enjoying some rest and game time! I set some reading egg and Times table Rockstars work last week, please have a little look online to see what challenges I have set if you have the time!

Easter is nearly here! Maybe you could do an Easter egg hunt around your house or garden? I have just done one myself, first with little pom poms and now with little tiny chocolate eggs! Yum!

Have any of you wrote any stories yet? I cannot wait to read your imaginative ideas! Maybe there is a secret room hidden inside a house? A land made of sweets and chocolates? An xbox game that sucks you into an online world? You could draw pictures to go with the story as well!

I am missing your cheeky smiling faces and funny laughs every day and hopefully I will see you all very soon for another game of 'I am thinking of a person'.

Please continue to exercise your smart brains, be kind and be safe!

Speak to you all very soon,

Miss Healy :)