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Weekly Update 27.04.2020

The results are in... It is shout out time!!

Okay so lets start off by saying that I am very happy and proud of everyone still exercising their brains! Whether that is with our online sessions, or something not online (Maddie has sent us a beautiful picture of a creation she made out of play dough! Thank you for sending that in Maddie it was lovely to hear from you!)


Now for the competition!

Reading eggs got a total of 5 people who have logged on this week! Ben (3 points), Lara (3 points), Lashaya (1 point), Chloe (1 point) and Camron (1 point). Remember you earn more points the more tasks you take part in!


Timestable Rockstars had a total of 6 people who have logged on this week! Here is how I'm giving out the points!

1-5 games played on TT Rockstars= 1 point

5 - 9 games played on TT Rockstars = 2 points

9 < games played on TT Rockstars = 3 points


Ben (played 5 games so he has gained 1 point), Kushal (played 2 games which equals 1 point), Charlie (played 9 games so he has gained 2 points), Finlay (played 19 games - well done! - so that's 3 points), Sophie (played 16 games - well done! - so that's another 3 points) and Ashley (played 2 games so that is 1 point).


Totalling all of the points up that means that...

The boys got a total of 12 points!

And the girls got a total of 8 points!


Well done to the boys! We will do this again next week so try and beat your scores and girls lets try to beat the boys next week!!!

Also please do send me an email if you have got a free moment so that I know you are doing okay and can see what you have been up to! It would be nice to hear from you all!

Speak to you again soon!

Miss Healy :)

Good afternoon Year 4!

I hope you are all okay and keeping yourselves busy! I have a LOT of updates for you today! 


Reading eggs and Timestable Rockstars

Lets start off by saying that there were loads of you on Reading Eggs and Timestable Rockstars this week and it made me so proud and happy (look at Weekly update 20.04.2020 for the list of shout out names). I was SO excited that I am now challenging you all to a competition. Boys vs Girls for whoever goes on reading eggs or timestable rockstars the most! For details about this competition check on the Weekly update 20.04.2020 tab... Good luck!!



The next update is that we are sending some booklets out to those of you who have asked for some extra work and activities. I believe we are starting this today, so hopefully you will receive these soon. If you have not asked for one but still want to have a look at what I have included I will upload the booklet on here in the 'useful links' tab for you to have a look through.


Violins and Violas

Rachael (our very own violin and viola teacher) has been in touch. She wishes you all the best and has sent me some ideas of things you can all do at home, if you have a violin/viola (Finlay) and if you do not have one, there are activities either way! So get involved with that!! I will put the activities on a separate tab called 'Violins/Violas' so that you can all find it easily.


 Mrs Clough's Art challenge

If you aren't in the mood for music then fear not! Mrs Clough has set up an ART CHALLENGE! This will be happening weekly and even has its own page on the website! If you click on 'children' it should be at the top of the list called 'art challenge'. Do give it a go because Mrs Clough would love to see your artwork and has even started to upload the work she has been sent onto an art gallery!! I will be looking out for class 4 names on there!



The last and most EXCITING update is this... The staff have been working really hard to allow us to communicate with each other... so we now have a CLASS EMAIL! This will mean that any amazing work that you are proud of and want to show me you can send me on the email and I will be able to see it! This is very exciting for me because I have been able to update you guys on here every week but it has been a while since I have been able to hear from all of you! If you want to get in touch with me to show me the great things you have been doing then you can on: 


I look forward to hearing any updates and hope to hear from you all soon.

Keep safe!

Miss Healy :)