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Weekly update 20.04.2020

It is a little later then usual BUT... SHOUT OUT TIME is BIG this week!!

So many of you have been on and it has made me so proud and happy!!

So here it goes...

Well done to Chloe, Lara and Maddie for going on Reading Eggs this week! It was nice seeing your name on there Chloe, keep going!


Well done to Ella, Jack, Madison, Charlie, Finlay and Ashley for going on Timestable Rockstars this week! Some new names there as well which, again, made me thrilled to see! BIG SMILES!


And a BIG shout out to those who have been on Timestable Rockstars and Reading Eggs! And therefore those who have blown my socks of this week are Ben, Jason, Camron and Oscar! Well done boys!!


To conclude, I think now that there has been even more of you training your brains...

I think we need a boys vs girls competition this week!

So I will be setting more work and checking at the end of the week... Whoever has been on the most, boys or girls, wins! If you know someone who hasn't been on yet, remind them! It will be one point per time you have been on, for example, one point for each game of Timestable Rockstars (someone played 15 games this week!! That would be 15 points!!) one point for completing the spelling work I set you on Reading eggs, one point for completing the comprehension work on reading eggs AND one point for completing the book on Reading Eggs. So a lot of points up for grabs! You have got until the end of this week to go on as much as possible!


Good luck!!!

Howdy year 4! 


I hope you are all doing well!

I have put some different categories on the website so that you can explore different areas and come up with some ideas of what to do at home! I will still be posting an update here weekly to chat to you all so keep checking in!


Hmm...What is new with me? Well... It is my little sisters 21st birthday today! So you will have to send birthday wishes her way and hopefully she will feel very loved and have a great day!

I have also been learning how to make my own friendship bracelet! Now is the time to learn how to do new things! I will have to post a picture when I have completed it to show you!


I hope you have all been keeping busy and making the most of the nice weather, whether it is a nice walk outside, a bike ride or chilling outside in the garden... Maybe you could have an garden picnic? Or if you don't have a garden, a living room picnic, because they are always fun!!

Whatever you are doing to keep yourselves busy, I hope you are all okay.

Thinking about you all and missing my year four class lots and lots!

Stay safe.

Speak to you soon!

Miss Healy :)