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Weekly update 06.04.2020

Shout out time!!

This week I would like to say a big well done to:

Jason, Maddie, Ben, Charlie, Ashley and Camron

Who have all been on Timestable Rockstars this week!!


I would also like to say a big well done to:

Maddie and Imran 

Who have completed some of the Reading Eggs work!


And lastly the absolute STAR of the week goes to Lara who has completed ALL Reading Eggs work AND been on Timestable Rockstars!!

Well done Lara!


Maths challenge answers! Okay here it goes...

1.      60            600,000

2.      4 quarters or 1 whole one

3.      4 Easter Eggs

4.      0.9      1.3

5.      72

6.      11 fifths or 2 whole ones and 1 fifth

7.      27,736

8.  Challenge:     1 square, 1 circle, 1 triangle and 2 rectangles


How did you do?

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Easter weekend!! Don't eat too much chocolate!

Speak soon 

Miss Healy :)

Hi Class 4,

Another week! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, especially with the weather starting to get warmer! Make sure you have a nice walk, if you can, to enjoy the sun rays! Remember how we described the beams of sunlight? Like fingers stretching light through the tree branches... Can you think of some other interesting ways to describe it? I will try and think of some new ones too, like a vocabulary challenge :D


I can see that a lot more of you have logged onto Timestable Rockstars and Reading Eggs since I reminded you all on Thursday! Well done guys! I will do another shout out on Thursday so keep going! :)


There are a couple of websites that you can visit if you want even more challenges to keep your brains super smart:

Give them a try...


For those mathematicians I have got an arithmetic challenge for you (I will upload the answers for you on Friday, so have a go and see how many you get right!)

1.      6 x 10 =                   easy, right? Now use that knowledge to answer...         600 x 1000 =                

2.      1 quarter + 3 quarters =

3.      Harry has 24 Easter Eggs, he shares them equally between his 6 friends. How many Easter Eggs did each of his friends have?

4.      Find the missing numbers in this pattern:        0.7,     0.8,      ?,      1,       1.1,     1.2,     ?,     1.4

5.      3 x 4 x 6 =

6.      3 fifths +  8 fifths =

7.      3467 x 8 =

8. Extra challenge:   Miss Healy draws some shapes... She draws three shapes with four sides, one shape with three corners, one square and 1 fifth of the shapes drawn are circles. Draw, or list, all the shapes Miss Healy drew. 



Furthermore, I have got something very exciting that I am going to upload to the school website this evening (EDIT: ON THE SCIENCE TAB NOW). Stay tuned to find out what it is!

Speak to you again later today,

Miss Healy :)