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Weekly update 04.05.2020

Shout out time year four!


Before I get into points I would like to say a big thank you to Maddie and Charlie who have both sent pictures into the weekly art challenge! I have loved receiving your emails and seeing what you have both been up to!! Please do keep sending me emails or pictures! It puts a great big smile on my face!


Now onto the points...

Reading eggs this week has received three completed tasks by Ben (3 points), three completed tasks by Lara (3 points), one completed task by Jason (1 point) and one completed task by Chloe (1 point)...Which means that so far it is a tie between the boys and the girls!!


Timestable Rockstars this week has received a whopping eight games by Jason (2 points), six games by Charlie (2 points), six games from Finlay (2 points) and three games from Ben (1 point).


Which means that the boys have received 11 points overall!

And the girls have received 4 points overall!

I will continue this competition for next week too so stay tuned... Thank you and a big well done to EVERYBODY who has completed any tasks or games! I am super proud of you all and hopefully the girls will pull it back and win next week ;)

Miss Healy




Good morning Year four!


I hope you have had a good week! My week has been filled with completing jigsaw puzzles, making a steak and mushroom pie and going for a lovely walk at wollaton park for some exercise! I hope you have been keeping busy with learning new things, playing games, going for walks and keeping your brain active! Please continue to send me emails! I get very excited when I hear that you are all doing okay! The email you can use to email me is 


The results from the competition are on the weekly update for last week and I will be starting the competition again for this week so please try and beat your previous scores!! (Well done boys... but girls we need to win this week!! Come on!)


Hopefully you have been keeping busy enough to not miss school too much but if you have been missing it or even if you haven't and just want a bit of a laugh or something to make you smile on a Monday morning watch our Melbury 'keep safe' video which has now been uploaded on Youtube and on Melbury website. The link is


I hope to hear from you all soon!! Please do send me an email and have a go at this weeks online competition!

Keep smiling!

Miss Healy :)