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Week starting 4th May

We are ready for the film afternoon! Enjoy everyone!

We are ready for the film afternoon! Enjoy everyone!  1
We are ready for the film afternoon! Enjoy everyone!  2

A warm good morning on a bit of a gloomy day. Have you all seen the video message from team Melbury? It's on this page and on our Melbury Facebook, I hope it makes you all smile and keeps the positivity going. We are all missing you lots and lots but each day takes us a day closer and the main thing is that we are all kept safe and well!

Thank you for all of the emails that have been sent to our new class email, I really enjoy hearing from you and seeing what you have been up to.

This week I had some fantastic reports following the fire station tour and some great questions. I asked your grow-ups for permission and the ones I received have been shared with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue and Ollerton Fire Station. I have passed the questions on to my fire fighter contacts and they are busy creating a response for us.. so watch this space! They loved your work so much that we have been invited to take part in a drawing competition, they have asked us to create a poster with a safety message for example check smoke alarms, don't text and drive and do not play with matches. The winning entry gets their poster printed on the side of a van. Please send your entries to

This week's writing tasks - I loved seeing the questions you had written. I could see capital letters to start and for names and I could see that all had been punctuated with a question mark at the end so this week I thought I might ask you to write some more questions. Lots of you created your reports on Captain Tom (oops now Colonel Tom!) and found out that he was part of the British Army. I haven't been able to get Colonel Tom to answer your questions - he's a bit busy! But I have got another member of the British Army on stand by who will happily answer any questions so get thinking, writing them down and sending them in to me. You never know, when you grow up you might think about joining the Army so you can find out what it's like.

Something else that you can look at creating is a weather report. The weather has changed a bit over the past week, so could you keep a log of the weather this week? You could even have a go at recording a little video of you doing a weather report.

I will add the Maths challenge and remember to check the lessons on BBC bitesize.

Mrs Clough has added an art challenge under the children's section of the website, go and have a look. I know some of you have already given this a go and it looks good fun. She has also added some support resources under the parents/ useful links section of the website, these are to offer support with well being and anxiety.

I hope that you all enjoyed our disco a few weeks ago, this week I would like to do a movie night. I've found a 30 min short film called the Epic Tales of Captain underpants and it can be accessed free here

I've checked the weather forecast and it looks a bit gloomy tomorrow afternoon so shall we say lets start our movie afternoon at 4pm tomorrow? Of course you can watch something different if you would prefer or you can watch it another time but I just thought you might like the idea that we are all getting snuggled up in our own homes and watching something at the same time.

I hope you are taking good care of yourselves and the people in your homes.

Stay safe, missing you all times a big fat 7!