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Week starting 27th April

Happy Monday and Ramadan Mubarak to you all, I hope you are all keeping well. I hope you all managed to watch the bear hunt video from last week, it has been great to hear from so many of you via email and I know that lots of you enjoyed it. I have loved seeing pictures of your work and all of the fun you have been having. It makes me miss you even more - which I didn't think was possible but it's so nice to see your smiling faces. We now have a new email that you can send copies of your work to I will be checking these weekly and getting back to you.


Remember that this week is Captain Tom's birthday so if you haven't already have a go at creating a little fact file about him or a birthday card.

This week I am going to set you a different writing task, I will share with you a tour of a fire station and I'd like you to complete a little report about or create a poster, maybe you could write down some questions and I can get in touch with a firefighter friend and ask them to answer some questions for you.


I will also add the maths challenge to our page and post the answers on Friday.


Last week I made you all a new home learning pack and I know that the wonderful team of people who are still working in school have printed them off and will be in touch with you about picking them up.


The daily phonics lessons start this week and I have put a link to those on our remote learning page under the purple pencil, I hope that these should be useful. Don't worry if you don't get to watch the lesson live, we are told that they will be available to view afterwards.


This week I was in my garden reading when a baby bird suddenly fell out of a bush. I watched it for a little while but decided that it looked a little too little so helped it back into its nest where there was another baby bird waiting. Over the weekend both baby birds left the nest again, this time they practiced flying in my garden. They weren't very good and there was a lot of wing flapping but not a lot a flying - it looked more like jumping to me. Yesterday afternoon both baby birds along with the help of their parents were able to leave the garden and start their adventures. This meant I could have a sneak peak at their empty nest, I've shared a picture with you because I thought that it was just so wonderful that they had made it and it had been hidden in a bush the whole time.


I hope that you are all keeping safe and happy. Missing you all times 6!


Miss Wilson





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