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Week starting 23rd March

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you all managed to enjoy the sun from the safety of your gardens over the weekend. It feels very strange not seeing you all this morning but please know I am thinking about you. Please make sure you are helping your grown-ups around the house, I will be setting you some challenges over the next few weeks. Its all a little odd at the moment and things are very different so I thought that maybe this week you could create a time-capsule. We are all living through history right now and in the future children will learn about this period of time in their history class, follow the link for steps to create your time-capsule.

I have also seen a lot of people creating pictures of rainbows and sticking them in their windows, we did some work on rainbows only a few weeks ago studying their meaning. Why not create one and stick it in your window? You never know it might just make someone passing by smile!  smiley

You will also remember that over the past year we have enjoyed watching panda cam, well now lots of children will be watching. Why not show your grown ups and talk to them about the pandas - you are my little zoo experts.

I have loved logging in to reading eggs and seeing how much learning you are all doing on there, on Friday I tried to set you all a lesson - log on and try to complete it, it sends me little updates and I get to smile at my laptop!

Keep smiling, stay safe and remember to wash your hands - I want to hear you all singing Happy Birthday from my house!

Missing you, Miss Wilson!

Oliver Jeffers reads a story 6pm Mon- Fri

Oliver Jeffers reads a story  6pm Mon- Fri 1

Oti Mabuse’s dance programme for the week 11:30am Everyday

Oti Mabuse’s dance programme for the week 11:30am Everyday 1