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Week starting 20th April

Hi everyone, I hope you managed to take part in our Friday disco and enjoyed the playlist. Me and Mrs Pritchett enjoyed having a little dance. I hope that some of you managed to write a story or at least start making your story plan from my picture last week. You can share your work by emailing, it would be great to see what some of you have come up with.


Have any of you seen the incredible charity work that Captain Tom Moore has been taking part in? I don't want to give too much away if you haven't but on the 30th April Captain Tom turns 100 years old, that's older than me and Mrs Pritchett put together! For you writing task this week I would like you to carry out some research about Captain Tom and what he has been up to. You can create a poster or a little fact file and you could maybe put them inside your time capsule. Try to find out why he is a captain? What did he do for charity? How much money did he raise? And anything else interesting. I will also add a picture of an address that you can send birthday cards to for Captain Tom, if you have stamps and can safely drop it in a post box as you are walking please do, but don't worry if not. Keep them safe and when we are all back together I will post them off for you. I think he will have a few to read so won't mind getting ours a little late. He will also be getting a birthday card from the Queen - can you find out why?


I will add another set of Maths challenges and will post the answers on Friday, I hope you are enjoying completing them.


The weather continues to be lovely so for phonics this week I thought you could do an outside (or inside if you would prefer) word hunt. Take a look at your bear words from your home learning pack - I will add a copy of some incase you have misplaced them. Write some down on separate pieces of paper or on bits of a cereal or Easter egg boxes if you have those laying around, ask someone in your home to hide them for you and then get hunting. When you find them try to read the words, maybe you could even practice writing them.


In my living room window I have my Paddington Bear, I have had lots of children waving at him as they walk by on their safe daily walks so I had a little chat with Mrs Pritchett about going on a bear hunt. We decided over the weekend to pack our rucksacks and take part in a bear hunt in our gardens. We thought you might like to see what we have been up to so I have attached a little something special for you from us.

We hope it makes you smile.


We are both missing you an awful lot but we are so proud of how brave and sensible we know you will have all been. Its a very different time and I'm sure that you will all have lots of questions, the grown-ups do too. We don't have many answers at the moment so maybe you can write them down and when we get back to school we can have a go at answering them because that's one thing you can be sure of, when this is all a little better team Melbury will be smiling and waiting for you at school.


Take care this week, missing you all times 5!!!


Miss Wilson and Mrs Pritchett

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