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Week starting 13th April

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. It was very different to other Easter weekends wasn't it? It was actually warm! I hope you all managed to measure yourselves using objects from around the house and also managed to find some shapes this week. Well done to all of those people who are logging on to reading eggs and taking part in reading and spelling lessons, I hope you are finding this new way of learning fun!


This week why don't you have a look on the phonics play website, I'll add a link and the free password. It has lots of fun phonics games for you to enjoy. You are all phonics superstars so you should be looking at activities in phases 3, 4 and 5.


I've attached our maths challenge for the week and will put the answers up on Friday again, I hope you all had a go at completing them. I also added a link and a help sheet in the maths section on our website. This takes you to White Rose who are creating daily maths lesson with a video to help explain and the answer sheets.


I've also added a picture that I found and liked, I thought this week you could maybe have a go at writing a story about this picture. I will add a copy of our story plan sheet to help you to get some ideas about who might be in your story and what the beginning, middle and end might be.


I hope you are all keeping well and busy, I thought that this week we could have a class disco. On Friday 4:30-5 - you can put on some party clothes, play some music and have a little dance with the people in your house. You might even play musical bumps or statues. I will work on a playlist and will share a link before Friday. Make sure you take some photos so we can share them when we are back together.  


Take care, missing you all times four this week!

Miss Wilson