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Week starting 11th May

Good morning everyone, Mondays seem to be getting busier and busier. This morning I found a frog in my garage who needed a little assistance and over the weekend I discovered the nest which was empty a couple of weeks ago now has 3 more eggs in it. I feel a bit like Doctor Dolittle at the moment with all these animals. I hope that you all enjoyed and have a safe weekend. I know lots of you celebrated VE Day and it was great to see some photos of you enjoying your garden picnics.

Did you all watch the video from the fire station? You got some great answers to your questions. Well done. keep sending me your questions for our soldier, I have already passed some on.

I know some of you also enjoyed our film afternoon, it was nice to sit there and think of you also sitting and watching the same thing at the same time.

As always I will post the maths questions and answers for the week. I hope you are enjoying them.

There will be a few more videos of us reading stories to you on our YouTube channel this week, keep checking it and I might even make an appearance! smiley

Remember there is the link for daily phonics lessons under the purple pencil, do keep looking at these. Phonics is how we learn to read and write so its a great thing to keep practicing. I've also added a spelling section on our home learning page as I had some questions about spelling in year 1 - take a look at that, it's under the picture of the pencil.

Here is a great lesson on the book funny bones. We have this in our book trolley in our classroom and I know many of you have enjoyed looking at it. click the link to enjoy the videos and if you want you can have a go at the lesson ideas. You don't need to print anything out, you can just write down your answers on a piece of paper.

Keep exploring reading eggs and if you haven't already have a look at the books that are on there.

Please do keep safe and carry on smiling. We are all doing a great job of following the rules set out to us and it will help to keeps us all safe and well.

I miss you all times 8 million!

Miss Wilson, your very proud teacher!