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Week 7


Story time

 Well Sunshines and Rainbows I finally managed it, with plenty of help from Lovely Miss Wilson. There's a new story 'Should I share my ice cream?' on the Melbury Primary YouTube Channel. I hope you enjoy it! Sunny smiles for this sunny day!

Love Mrs D


Hello Rainbows and Sunshines

I hope you are all really well and happy. We are in the month of May now and so much is growing around us. I expect you all are too.


I have put some activities in the Sunshine folder and will add Rainbows by this afternoon. The activities are based a lot around talking, looking and caterpillars! I found a tiny caterpillar curled up on a leaf in my garden as I was weeding the other day. It was brown and a little bit furry. I wonder what butterfly it will become. So I turned the leaf back gently and will go and have a look to see if it's been munching today.


Did you see Captain Tom on the television last week? He has been raising lots of money for our fabulous hospitals by walking around his garden each day. That is a big task when you are 100 years old. You are all very young with lots of energy we know. This week, on Friday, there is a special holiday day to celebrate the end of a world war 75 years ago. So Captain Tom was 25 then. He was one of thousands of soldiers who were very brave and defended our country. Remember we wear poppies for them in November? It was called VE day so you might want to make some bunting or flags to put up.


Also Ramadan Mubarak to our families who are observing Ramadan just now. May it be a peaceful time for you all.


Have you seen our Stay Safe video? I think all the grown ups had fun making it and we hope that you have a smile and a giggle when you watch it. There is a link on our page below.


It has been really lovely to hear from a few people on our new email. It makes my day and I would love to be in touch with you all. Any questions, any messages, any disco play lists, any pictures/ photos of what you've been up to will be appreciated. And I will reply.


Take care all our lovely families and children. We wish you a super week.

With love

Mrs D, Mrs Roome, Mrs Fewkes and Mrs Lees.smileysmileysmileysmiley