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Week 3

Good Morning Sunshines and Rainbows,


It looks like another lovely sunny day outside. I hope everyone is doing well and feeling sunny too. I have just finished the workout with Joe Wickes which helps me get lively for the day - I'm a bit slow on the spiderman lunges though!


I have popped some more lovely Maths ideas on the Maths page including the Numberblocks.


Also in the Phonics and reading section your parents will find a link to Oxford Owl. Much of their ebook library is free just now. For Sunshines particularly, there is Geraldine giraffe who is a cheeky giraffe learning her phonemes. There are some super flashcard activities too. Just a reminder for Sunshines that we have been learning all the single letter phonemes (a to z) and these digraphs and trigraphs ck, ff, ll, ss, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er.

Could you hunt around the house like Geraldine does to find things with these phonemes in?  

Rainbows; try Mr Thorne does Phonics alphabet series to learn all those first phonemes.


Check out the book scavenger hunt too. Books really open up our world don't they?


Also I've been looking at the Cbeebies page. Have any of you earned Duggee's Stay at Home badge?

'Maddie's Do You Know?' is wonderful. You can find out about potato harvesting, beehives, toilet roll, diggers, car engines, bridges and lots of other things. I know you are a curious bunch so go for it.


Well everyone I hope you are shaking your sillies, wiggling your wriggles and jumping your jitters away! Your teachers are thinking of you lots and sending you happy hugs.

Oo now here's a little challenge for this week. I'll let you know the answer on Friday.

The Easter Bunny has 10 eggs in her basket. Cheeky Peter Rabbit takes out three. How many Eggs does the Easter Bunny have now?     And who's going to make Peter Rabbit give them back?


Stay hoppy and happy everyone!

Mrs D, Mrs Roome, Mrs Fewkes and Mrs Lees