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Week 2

Hello Sunshines and Rainbows,


Brr! it's a bit cold outside today. Today, while I was on my walk I saw lots of pigeons and squirrels. It made me think of our garden area. I wonder what our squirrels and pigeon friends are up to. Do you think that they will be playing in Percy's Hut or riding on the Nursery train? I think the birds and animals are getting a bit braver because everything is a bit quieter; don't forget to wildlife spot from your windows. Mrs Lees is looking after our garden at school so a big thank you to her.


How are my Sunshines getting on with Reading eggs? If you haven't yet, give it a go as there are lots of fun phonics and reading games to enjoy; the ant is very funny. Have you played with your phoneme cards too?

Rainbows: have a look at the pictures, can you hear the first sound? Make you name with the cards and see what your pictures are.

Sunshines: practise all those phoneme sounds - can you remember them all? Try to make some 3 letter words

- pet, bug, dot, tin etc. Remember to say each phoneme swiftly then blend them together. All these words have vowels in the middle so look out for those a,e,i,o,u. Can you spell out your name and use those cards to make other little words? mrs davie    - red, mad etc.


I am popping another web link in our science area with lots of lovely science and technology challenges. So have a look.

Take care everyone . I am thinking of you lots and hoping you are enjoying your days. Don't forget to be super helpful at home and keep fit. You could find Cosmic Yoga that we love on YouTube.

Hugs everyone,

Love Mrs D, Mrs Roome, Mrs Fewkes, and Mrs Lees



Oliver Jeffers will be reading books live on his instagram account