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Week 1



Good morning Sunshines and Rainbows,


It's fab Friday and the weather is certainly fantastic. I was thinking that lots of our Sunshines enjoy exploring in our outside area, especially digging for worms. So why don't you get outside and have a little dig today - don't dig up any plants please - but see if you can find a worm or two. Hold them carefully and feel them wiggle on your palm. Do you remember our Wiggly worm song? When you pop them back, see how they wiggle back down into the soil.


I have been so happy to see 4 butterflies this week in my garden; they are so beautiful. You can make lovely butterfly pictures - I'll put some ideas on here soon.


I was talking to Mrs Fewkes yesterday and she sends all the Rainbows lots of love.


How did you get on with the five challenge? Did you find 4 and 1, 3 and 2, 2 and 3, 1 and 4 and not forgetting 5 and 0!  We can make number bonds from these

4 + 1 = 5   Can you write out the rest? Have a go!


My Maths Challenge today is a shape hunt - how many circles can you find in your house? I bet there are lots and lots. Can you find 20? Go for it!


Take care everyone, I've been thinking of you all this week and hoping that you are busy and happy at home.

Have you shared the story books from your home pack yet? If not please snuggle down for some family time today with one of those or a favourite.

Happy hugs everyone,


Love Mrs D, Mrs Roome, Mrs Fewkes and Mrs Lees


P.S. Chester Zoo have got a virtual zoo tour today on Facebook. Have a look; there's giraffes, penguins and red pandas.smiley




Good Morning Sunshines and Rainbows,

What a beautiful sunny day today. Make sure you get out in your gardens and play and explore today.

I started my day with breakfast then Joe Wicks PE lesson - it's live at 9 every weekday. You should try it; it's great fun. My cats were watching me today. smiley


Don't forget to have a go on reading eggs today and I'll be checking in on everyone tomorrow to see how you are getting on.


A little Maths challenge for today - collect together 5 objects ; toy cars , apples, smarties ! whatever you wish. Find all the different ways you can split the 5 to find the parts. So to start you off 4 is a part, 1 is a part, 5 is the whole! Can you find the others ? Good luck.


Have a lovely Wednesday everyone. Thinking about you all.

Keep safe, have fun and help out where you can.

(Mums and Dads there is a great tidy up song on Youtube  by  Dave Moran)

Big hugs from Mrs D, Mrs Fewkes and Mrs Lees smileysmileysmiley