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here are more non-instrument lessons being added each week for any year group who do not have any instruments at home. The longer 10 minute lessons can be found here:

This is well as an increasing range of singing resources, again good for any students! These can be found here:
For students with instruments at home, we have separated our lessons into "Easier KS2" and "Harder KS2" so the students can choose which they want to take part in, depending how confident they feel. The Grade resources are also here for Stacey and Jasmine. These can be found here: 
We also have a series of short 2 minute videos that would be useful for any age students. Links to these lessons can be found below: 

Lessons without instruments – Pulse & Beat Lesson 1 & Hey Mr Miller



Lessons with instruments -   Currently, two lessons of Eye of the Tiger is available here, but there will be more lessons uploaded very soon,  including Drunken Sailor and We Will Rock You.