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VE Day pictures

Mrs Clough's VE Day fun!

Mrs Clough's VE Day fun! 1
Mrs Clough's VE Day fun! 2
Mrs Clough's VE Day fun! 3
Mrs Clough's VE Day fun! 4
Mrs Clough's VE Day fun! 5

My family and I had a super day on Friday, celebrating VE Day. We started off in the morning baking VE Day cakes, painting flags and making bunting. We then all took part in the 2 minute silence at 11am (James found that quite hard!) to remember all the brave people who had lost their lives during the war and then I started making our picnic lunch while James and Evie helped their Daddy set up the games that we were going to play with our neighbours.

We all came out just after midday and had our picnic with our neighbours, (all at a safe distance), and then we got ready to play our games!

The first game was to wrap an adult up in toilet roll the quickest! Evie and James chose their Daddy (phew!) and they won! I felt a little bad about wasting toilet roll but we only used 2 rolls and when we'd finished with it we gave it to our neighbours for their guinea pig's bedding so this made me feel better that we'd reused it.

Next came apple bobbing where each family had to try and get 6 apples out of their tub. We all found this very tricky but very funny and we got very wet! smiley 

The children then had to make a paper aeroplane and see who could fly it the furthest.

This was followed by a really silly but tricky game called 'the cereal box game'. Each family got a cereal box and they took it in turns to see if they could pick it up with the mouths from the floor! The rules were that you were not allowed to put your hands or knees on the floor when you bent down to pick it up. Once everyone had completed the round you had to cut 2cm off the cereal box so it was lower (and harder) to pick up with your mouth. If you try this at home make sure you do it on a soft surface as lots of people fell forwards when trying to dip down for the box and I don't want you hurting your heads! smiley


Like Mrs Firmage said, I am really looking forward to hearing what you all got up to on VE Day or any day last week. Please send in your pictures to


Thank you!

Mrs Firmage's VE Day

Mrs Firmage's VE Day 1
Mrs Firmage's VE Day 2
Mrs Firmage's VE Day 3

I had a lovely VE day with my family. We made cookies and put flags on them and had a BBQ in our front garden.

As you can see we had a mini paddling pool out and had lots of fun with our neighbours- making sure we all sat and played 2 metres away from each other to keep us safe.

Hopefully you all had a fun day too.

Sam and Leslie's VE Day

Sam and Leslie's VE Day 1
Sam and Leslie's VE Day 2
Sam and Leslie's VE Day 3
Sam and Leslie's VE Day 4
Sam and Leslie's VE Day 5
Sam and Leslie's VE Day 6
Sam and Leslie had a wonderful VE Day. They made some amazing posters and had great fun in their tent with some delicious food.