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28th May

27th May

Good morning Sunshines.

It is lovely to see the sunshine today. I hope you'll have chance to be out in your garden space today. I've recorded our Little Red Hen story so that will be up on here a little later but in the meantime how about some morning maths.

I have 2 Number blocks shows for you to watch from Series three - you can find them on youtube.

Series 3 Episode 10 Hiccups

This episode is all about how numbers to 10 are made up of other amounts and we can split our numbers (partition) and make them in different ways.

So 9     can be 3 and 3 and 3  or   8 and 1    or 7 and 2   

We would say "7 is a part, 2 is a part, 9 is a whole". 


Series 3 Episode 13 Five and friends

Six to ten are all five and a friend.

Numbers 6 to 10 are made from 5 and a 'bit'. So this show explores number bonds; 6 is 5 and1 , 7 is 5 and 2 etc.

You can have a go at writing lots of number sentences (sums)  that show what you know!


5+3=8            5+5=10    etc


26th May

Hello Sunshines.

We were enjoying learning the story of the Little Red Hen weren't we and were going to make some bread this week. I promise we will do this when we are back after half term so in the meantime why don't you watch Aunty Mabel and Pippin find out all about bread. There are some huge farm machines to look out for.                          Come Outside: Bread   on Youtube

Have you got a loaf of bread at home? Have a look at the packaging; does it tell you the ingredients and where it is made. You can send any messages to if you'd like me to see.

Have a lovely day everyone.

25th May