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Hola Class 6. As you know, my Spanish isn't the best so I have been trying to improve on an app on my phone. It's free and I just have a play whenever I get a few spare minutes in the day. I'm nowhere near an expert yet but it has helped me to improve a bit :) Give it a go and I look forward to seeing how much you have improved when we come back. The app is called duolingo.


Also, you could watch some of the songs below to help you to improve as well. Firstly we have numbers and then days of the week. Oh and my favourite one (the body parts song, it's so catchy!!) I'll add some more in the future. 


Buena Suerte!


(If you wanted to learn a bit of French, you could search 'John Bostock French lesson' and ask your parents if you could use their Facebook to watch that - John Bostock is a football player who plays for Forest and use to play in France).




Numbers Song in Spanish. Canción de los números de BASHO & FRIENDS

Learn how to count to 20 in Spanish with Basho and his buddy Brobot. Full content available at Get the lessons to go with this video...

Días de la Semana (days of the week in Spanish) Music Video

Learn the days of the week in Spanish with this catchy tune and hand motions!

Juan Pequeño Baila (Spanish Song)

Body parts