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Why is this tricky? Could you do a similar experiment at home?

Why is this tricky? Could you do a similar experiment at home? 1

Science experiment - Magic milk



Milk, a white shallow bowl or little plate, food colouring (of your choice), dish soap (e.g. fairy liquid) and a cocktail stick or Q-tip.



1. Put a tiny splash of milk onto the bowl or plate.

2. Drop a couple of dots of food colouring onto the milk.

3. Dip the cocktail stick or Q-tip into some dish soap.

4. Move the cocktail stick or Q-tip around in the milk.


The food colouring should move and swirl and twirl around in the milk making it look magical and multicoloured! 

Give it a go and send me any pictures of the experiment if you did it on my email 





Science experiment - Bend light



A transparent (see-through) glass, a pen, paper and clean water



1. Draw a tiny arrow on the plain paper pointing left or right.

2. Hold the paper upright against the glass so that you can clearly see the arrow through the glass.

3. Slowly pour some clean water into the glass until it is filled to the brim. Watch what happens to your arrow... Why does this happen?



Repeat this experiment with a different shape or picture. Do you get the same result? Record your findings.


The science:

Light bends when it travels through a medium. This phenomenon is called refraction. In this experiment, the light from the arrow reaches the eye through three different media: water to glass to air; bending at each of these media. This exit journey makes the arrow change direction!


You could send me pictures of you taking part in this experiment on the class email!!



I am thinking of a living thing game...


Think about a creature, animal, insect, leaf, tree or plant (I have chosen insects for my example because I have got LOTS of creepy crawlies in my back garden at the moment!) And using yes or no questions, allow someone to guess what your living thing is.

This is my 'classification' example. Can you make your own? Test your parents or brothers or sisters?



I transferred the eggs into a bigger tub and adapted their habitat. The eggs appear to be getting darker and a small black dot can be seen in each.

I think they’ll be hatching soon...  What do you think? Maybe you could sketch them hatching?

DAY 1:

Mysterious Eggs

Whilst digging in my garden yesterday, I discovered some mysterious eggs. They are clear and very tiny.

I wonder who they belong to ? What kind of animal or insect could have laid these eggs ?

I thought it would be a great idea to create a habitat to put the eggs in until they hatch, so I found the perfect tub for them! I created some small cracks/air holes for the eggs.

I added some soil, grass, leaves and petals into the tub. I gently scooped up 5 tiny eggs and placed them in their new habitat.
I added some water and placed a damp tissue on the top of the tub to help keep the warmth and moisture in .

Your Challenge:

Create a fact-file or poster about who’s eggs they may be.

You could include:
* Where they were found
* What they look like
* Who or what may have laid them
* What will they need to survive


The eggs could be a real creature/insect/animal or a made up one, it is completely up to you! Keep your fact files or posters safe as I would love to see what you think they could be. I will update you with the growth/progress of the eggs over time:) How exciting!

Mystery eggs