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28th May

27th May

Good Morning Rainbows.

How lovely to see the sunshine today. I hope you get chance to play and explore in your gardens today. There will be a learning video about patterns soon but why not find out about dandelions with Aunty Mabel and Pippin first. You'll find out how the little seeds have their own tiny propellers to help them travel and find somewhere to grow. During Springtime many plants begin to grow really well so you may spot trees, plants and flowers from your window.

Look up Come Outside Dandelions on youtube. You could get out your pencils and felt tips and draw some pictures of Pippin and the dandelions. Aunty Mabel and Pippin go to a big city called London; there are lots of tall buildings so you could draw them or make them with building blocks or boxes that you have at home. Have fun everyone.

Let's look for rainbows

26th May

25th May