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Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium Funding for?

Pupil Premium Funding is extra money which school receives to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities achieve their full potential.

Here at Melbury, we are committed to ensuring all children achieve their full potential both within the school curriculum and in their lives beyond.

Below is a statement that indicates how we will spend this funding to support our disadvantaged pupils.

If you have any questions about how we allocate our Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) please do not hesitate to contact the Head Teacher.

Department for Education

Funding criteria

Pupil premium funding is allocated to eligible schools based on the number of:

  • pupils who are recorded as eligible for free school meals, or have been recorded as eligible in the past 6 years (referred to as Ever 6 FSM)
  • children previously looked after by a local authority or other state care, including children adopted from state care or equivalent from outside England and Wales

Pupil premium is not a personal budget for individual pupils, and schools do not have to spend pupil premium so that it solely benefits pupils who meet the funding criteria. It can be used:

  • to support other pupils with identified needs, such as those who have or have had a social worker, or who act as a carer
  • for whole class interventions which will also benefit non-disadvantaged pupils

Pupil premium funding is allocated to local authorities based on the number of:

  • looked-after children, supported by the local authority
  • pupils who meet any of the eligibility criteria and who attend an independent setting, where the local authority pays full tuition fees

For pupils who are looked-after children, funding should be managed by the local authority’s virtual school head (VSH)  in consultation with the child’s school.

Details of the funding criteria for SPP is outlined in the Service pupil premium section.