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Phonics and Early Reading

We use Little Wandle for Letters and Sounds to deliver our systematic synthetic phonics programme.

All of the graphemes taught are practised in words, sentences and fully decodable books. Children review these graphemes and words daily, weekly and across terms in order to move this knowledge into their long term memory.

Reading at home can make a huge difference to your child's progress,  reading books and diaries should be brought into school every day.

Your child will bring home a fully decodable reading book based on their current phonetical knowledge every week. They will have read this book with an adult three times in school and we would encourage you to read with them as often as possible at home. The aim is for the children to become fluent readers and rereading the same text supports them in this. Please return these decodable reading books to school every Monday as they will need to be allocated to other children.

Your child will have reading sessions each week focusing on three key reading skills:

Decoding- blending sounds to read and developing vocabulary

Prosody- reading with meaning, stress and intonation

Comprehension- understanding the text

You can log onto the Little Wandle parents page for more information about how we teach phonics and how to pronounce the sounds your child will learn.