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Quick Maths Quiz 2:


1.    3 x _____ = 30

2.    Write down a multiple of 5 between 22 and 32

3.    Forty divided by ten

4.    628 = 600 + 8 + ____

5.    Write down two thousand nine hundred and fourteen

6.    What is the next number in this pattern?  17,  21,  25,  29,  33,  _____

7.    How many 3s make 21?

8.    Round 165 to the nearest 10

9.    How many money is 1 TWENTY PENCE plus 3 TEN PENCE plus 4 FIVE PENCE?

10.  The time is 3:40pm. What will the time be in half an hour?

11.   How many TEN PENCE coins make £1.40?

12.   A pencil costs 31p. How much do 3 pencils cost?

13.   One yard is 3 feet. How many feet in 7 yards?



Quick Maths Quiz:


1. How many sides does a decagon have?

2. What is 730 divided by 10?

3. Write the fraction 'half' and then draw a picture showing a half.

4. How many inches are there is a foot?

5. What name is given to a triangle with no equal sides?

6. True or False: The mean of a number is the most common number in a selection.

7. What is 4 x 9?

8. What is 50% of 20?

9. What number must you add to 66 to get the answer 172?

10. How many zeros are there in the number 'one billion'?

Maths hypothesis:


If you add two even numbers together they will also give you an even answer.

Is this true - Always, Sometimes or Never?


All pyramids have a square base.

Is this true - Always, Sometimes or Never?


A rectangle is a square.

Is this true - Always, Sometimes or Never?


Doubling a number results in an even number.

Is this true - Always, Sometimes or Never?


Prove your answers with working out!!!!

Maths Challenge Part 2


Find as many ways as you can to represent the numbers:






Which number can you find the most ways to represent?

Think about the factors of the numbers e.g. the factors of the number 10 are 1, 2, 5 and 10 (because 1 x 10 = 10 and 2 x 5 = 10)

Which number can you find the most factors for?



Maths Challenge!

Find as many ways as you can to represent the number '7' 

You could draw seven fingers being shown on two hands, 7 dots, a number story (e.g. I bought three apples and four oranges how many pieces of fruit did I buy?), you could put it in a place value grid (you will only need the ones column for the number seven though), you could draw seven counters on a ten's frame... However you want to do it!


Then I want you to represent 115. Think about how you could represent this without having to draw 115 dots or 115 fingers. Maybe a calculation? Maybe a place value grid? Maybe with counters which represent 5.


And your final number is 14.


Think about the different ways you can represent these numbers. I will be giving you more numbers to try and represent in as many different ways as you can next week!


Here is my example!







Lesson 2:

Write decimals

Video link



Lesson 1 
Make a whole


Watch the video on the link and then answer these follow up questions

I challenge you to complete this brain teaser!

Maths challenges

Maths challenges

Maths challenge answers! Okay here it goes...

1.      60            600,000

2.      4 quarters or 1 whole one

3.      4 Easter Eggs

4.      0.9      1.3

5.      72

6.      11 fifths or 2 whole ones and 1 fifth

7.      27,736

8.  Challenge:     1 square, 1 circle, 1 triangle and 2 rectangles


How did you do?

For those mathematicians I have got an arithmetic challenge for you (I will upload the answers for you on Friday, so have a go and see how many you get right!)

1.      6 x 10 =                   easy, right? Now use that knowledge to answer...         600 x 1000 =                

2.      1 quarter + 3 quarters =

3.      Harry has 24 Easter Eggs, he shares them equally between his 6 friends. How many Easter Eggs did each of his friends have?

4.      Find the missing numbers in this pattern:        0.7,     0.8,      ?,      1,       1.1,     1.2,     ?,     1.4

5.      3 x 4 x 6 =

6.      3 fifths +  8 fifths =

7.      3467 x 8 =

8. Extra challenge:   Miss Healy draws some shapes... She draws three shapes with four sides, one shape with three corners, one square and 1 fifth of the shapes drawn are circles. Draw, or list, all the shapes Miss Healy drew.