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We are reading the book A Walk in London and have been discussing recounts and non-fiction texts.

We wrote sentences with adverbial phrases using prepositions.

We went a for a walk around the school grounds and thought about the things we saw. We will be writing an information text about Melbury. Keep an eye out next week. for some examples of our work.
We have been learning about asking questions. We have written questions about London using information from our book A Walk in London. We had to turn the information in the book into a question.

We have been thinking of questions we wanted to ask about our school.
Do you know the answers to any of our questions? 


mailWhen was Melbury Primary School built?

mailWhy are there no fish in the pond?

mailWhat grows in our allotment?



We have been reading the book Katie in London. It is a story about a girl called Katie and her brother Jack who go on a tour of London on the back of a lion! They climb onto one of the lions in Trafalgar Square and as the sun shines it comes to life. Katie, Jack and the lion visit lots of London landmarks.

We have planned and written our own adventure stories about travelling on the back of a Market Square lion. Where would you go?


We have been looking at different poems, we found out that the nursery rhyme ‘Ring a ring o’roses’ is about the plague in London. We learnt other rhymes about London.

We also learnt about alliteration and tried some with our names.


We have really enjoyed reading Santa’s Diary. We liked it when he was telling us about his holiday in January.

We have looked at features of a diary-

Past tense

First person


Can you name any more?