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Let's get fit.. have some fun..

Say to children.. let's get fit.. have some fun.. and let them sing the rest of the song! laugh

Well class 1, I can't be with you but Jack can! Jack Hartman! We dance and sing to his songs every morning, now you can get your grown-ups at home to join in. This is the link to Jack's YouTube channel, get a grown-up to help you access this.

This is one of our favourite Jack songs! We like to pretend we are on holiday!


Joe Wicks is also doing a PE lesson at 9am everyday. I will be joining in and hope you will too.


Cosmic yoga. Again the children are brilliant at this and I'm sure they can teach you at home a thing or too!


Oti Mabuse is doing an online dancing class live via Facebook (ask a grown-up to help you access this safely) at 11:30am Monday - Friday

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