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MoMo Warning

SnapChat WARNING for Parents June 2017

***NO Primary Age Child Should Have An Accounts or be using an Adult's Account on these Social Media Sites/Apps below***

Social Media poses a real risk to our children, some of the risks are explained:


  1. "Stranger Danger" -- Take It Seriously
    Children may find it hard to judge strangers they meet in person, and it's even harder to tell friends from those who wish harm online. Stress to your children that they should not interact with strangers on websites/ games / apps, and explain that many people on the internet are not who they say they are. You should also monitor your Child's Internet usage to ensure their interactions (on suitable child safe sites and apps) are only with real-life friends.
  2. (Over) Sharing Information -- Don't Reveal Too Much
    Your child must be aware of the real dangers of revealing too much information on the internet, explaining that it gives ammunition to strangers with bad intentions. Do Not allow bypassing of age restrictions for children, and adhere to the terms of service for social media applications. (See restrictions below)
  3. Hidden Info in Photos -- Beware of Posting Pics
    Children should know the potential risks of what they're posting online. Photographs are no exception.Someone can use that data to pull the exact geographic location of where that photo was taken (e.g. see SnapChat risk above June 2017). With young children, it's better to restrict the use of photos on any social media or make use of the parental controls many child friendly applications possess.
  4. The Staying Power of Social Media -- Consider the Future
    Whatever you put out there is there forever, and that can have consequences down the road. Children must know that anything they post on the internet, positive or negative can be seen years into the future.
  5. Cyberbullying -- Ask, "Will Others Get Hurt?"
    Social Media can be used to cyberbully. Children must be taught responsible ways to communicate using technology by asking themselves "Is this going to hurt someone's feelings? How would I feel if this message came to me? Does this feel threatening in any way?" Parents must have a conversations with their children about bullying, enforcing the idea of not joining friends who are gossiping about or teasing others online.


REMEMBER: Primary age children should not be on any Social Media



Social Media Age Restrictions