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Hello Rainbows and Sunshines,

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. It's been very blowy today, all the trees have been swaying here and there.

I've been doing lots of cooking this weekend; I've been trying out new recipes which I've really enjoyed. I wonder what you've enjoyed most about your weekend. What have you been up to?

This week there will be a video of Stick man on the Melbury you tube channel. I'm just about to film it then Miss Wilson kindly sorts it for me and uploads it to youtube. There is also the wonderful animation of the story on the BBC iplayer at the moment. It is such a lovely adventure story with lots of rhyming to join in with. Don't forget to go looking for sticks when you are out and about and transform them into magic wands, broomsticks, rulers, conductors batons, aeroplanes, whatever your imagination tells you! There are activities in the Sunshine and Rainbow learning sections.

I hope you are still enjoying the books that you took home from school. I have been reading a book about a painting called The Goldfinch. It is nearly 900 pages long so I haven't finished yet but I do enjoy a little peace and quiet while I'm reading it. Books take you to new places and make your imagination fly so keep reading everyone, keep sharing stories and travelling to new places. Each time I see Mrs Roome she asks about everyone and their books.

Have a fabulous week to come everyone. Skip, hop, jump, run, stomp, spin, leap and dance your way through the days and keep enjoying the nature around you.

Sending you virtual hugs and wishing you happy times,


Mrs D, Mrs Roome, Mrs Fewkes and Mrs Lees smileysmileysmileysmiley



Sunshines - don't forget the Daily phonics lessons and White Rose Maths on the maths page.

Yippee Exciting news!

We can now be in touch with our new Foundation class email address. It is for both Nursery and Reception and you can email me to let me know what you've been getting up to at home and send pictures of your activities and learning. You could maybe tell your Mum or Dad what to write in a letter to us so we know how you are and what you've been up to. I'll be checking it weekly and look forward to hearing from you. (Parents - you can use this for email for questions too.)

Our class email is:   


 smileySunshines - we are adding a daily phonics lesson to our page too. It looks great and uses 'Letters and Sounds' just like we do in school.









Have fun trying some of these activities

Hello Rainbows, Sunshines and your families.

We hope that you have all enjoyed this sunny Mother's  Day and had fun with your families. I will post regularly on here with learning ideas and any interesting resources I find that you may enjoy. Take care everyone.

Mrs D