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ECO Team

   To All,

    Deadline for 'cans & tins collection' is Monday 19th July, please pencil this date into your diary. We won't be able to accept any more as

    we won't be able to store them at school over the holidays. 


    Thank you once more for all your efforts,


    Mrs Bourne, Class 3 & the ECO Team


To Parents/Carers, Children and wider Families! It has definitely been a joint effort from everybody, incl. the wider families, throughout this cans & tins project'. Everybody has done amazingly and Class 3 have been very busy flattening them. Together with CMEC and TRD, we ended up with 2 crushed blocks and we are currently collecting our second lot of tins and cans. The last collection will take place on Monday 19th July, please make a note on your calendar. The project will then stop as we can't keep them over the school holidays. However, we will, in the last week, be able to let everybody know how much money we have raised towards playground equipment. Enjoy the photos and once more, thank you for your support and effort. Mrs Bourne, Class 3 & the ECO Team

To all Parents/Carers and Children! We are absolutely delighted with the uptake of collecting tins and cans for our recycling summer project. The children are amazed how many we have collected already and, combining this with our science topic of magnets, could investigate which tins are metal and which aren't. Please keep the tins and cans coming. We will give you plenty of advanced warning when we are going to change the recycled material. The ECO Team

At Melbury we have our own litter-picking ECO team. Currently, some of our Year 6 children doing litter picking at every opportunity they have. This has made our grounds cleaner and better for the wildlife we see every day.

Thank you to the team