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Class 3

Children & Teachers! This will be the last week of home learning and what better then making it an investigational one. In Literacy, you will have quite a few videos to watch, some with new learning and some recapping ones. Also videos in Science during which you will be completing investigations and scientific thinking. Please keep all your work together in subjects, so that I can have a look when you are returning to school. Have an exciting start to the week. Mrs Bourne

Dear All, I hope you all had a good break and were able to put the teaching routines to one side. However, thank you for some of your emails throughout the holidays. I am very pleased with some of you who used the holidays as 'catching up' time and are now ready to carry on with this week's work. As you can see from the attached timetable, we have only planned for 3 more days as we are all awaiting the announcement tomorrow from Mr Johnson. As soon as we know, I promise we will let you all know. Thank you for those who challenged me with the ttrockstar time tables, I must say you're getting better! Anyway, for now that's all I have to say. Enjoy the final writing of your diary. Don't forget to watch my 'Meet & Greet' tomorrow morning. Bye for now, Mrs Bourne

Hi everybody, here is the timetable for week 6, 08.02.-12.02.21 which will take you up to half term. There will be no school from 15.02-19.02.21 but if you would like to get in touch via email or send some photos in, I will check my emails and always like to receive messages from you. Otherwise, have a good break and I will talk to you during the week. Mrs Bourne

Hello Class 3 & Teachers, here is this week's timetable 01.02.2021-05.02.2021. Have you got your story stick ready for tomorrow's activity? This week you will complete your Stone Age Boy story and start on a new learning experience on Thursday. Just to let you know that I will be delivering the new packs either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon so make sure that you are in as it would be lovely to see you. If there is anything you want to give me, like a special piece of work, I am happy to take it and have a look when I get back to school. I really hope to see you all, Mrs Bourne

Good afternoon 'teachers' and children, I hope you are all cosy and relaxed on this cold Sunday afternoon. I have attached this week's timetable (25.01.2021-29.01.2021) which is full with new learning activities and discoveries. Stay safe and be kind to each other. Mrs Bourne

Here is this week's timetable for your information. I hope everybody is well and recharged their batteries for another week of superb learning activities. Mrs Bourne

Dear All, I have attached this week's timetable with all the relevant activities. I have also put a video on microsoft teams for you to watch. If you have any questions, you can send me an email via our website. On Tuesday I will ring you all and we can have a little chat too. Mrs Bourne