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Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well and still smiling. I am missing teaching Art so much that I thought I would set you all a weekly Art challenge. If you would like to take part, all you have to do is have a go, take a picture of your fabulous creation and then email it to me, Mrs Clough at

Below is some information about a selection of activities you can have a go at while you are learning at home. I will try to share ideas that need as few materials as possible! Sometimes a pencil and bit of paper is all you need to show your creativity...

Just remember to have fun!


Below the creative information is the first 'Weekly Art Challenge'. Because it is the first one you have slightly longer on it; the deadline isn't till Friday 1st May. Remember to email me at the above email address with your examples, by the deadline and I will upload them on to the website so the whole school can admire your work. Remember please don't include your face in the photo if you do not want to appear on the website, just your name and class will be fine.


Looking forward to seeing your amazing work!

Take care! Mrs Clough smiley

Signposts to a new normal

Introducing Discover at Home


Hello everyone!

I have just received an exciting email from Arts Award. Usually, every year I invite a group of children to take part in an Arts Award after school club, where we learn all about different art forms and artists and create exciting work together. We also visit galleries and work with professional artists. After completing the club the children are awarded a certificate which goes towards a qualification that you can then add to in Secondary school.


Anyway, because we cannot visit anywhere at the moment the Arts Award team have created 'Discover at Home'. This is an accessible, adaptable version of Arts Award Discover supporting families to be creative and learn about the arts at home. Discover at Home enables children to be rewarded for the creative activities they enjoy and supports them to connect with their local museums, theatres and arts activities online or at home, and explore new ones, until it’s possible to visit them again.

A comprehensive, free resource pack is on offer for families with easy to follow guidance and lots of suggestions for arts, craft and creative activities. Discover at Home is a great option for parents & carers who may not be arts specialists themselves or are looking for something different to keep children engaged and entertained. They can even gain a certificate!

So follow the link below and explore the Arts! And of course send me pictures of what you have created! smiley

Have fun and get creative!

Mrs Clough


Weekly Creative Challenge (13) - Monday 20th July


Wrap it up!

This week's challenge is slightly different from the rest.

I would like you to try and make your own artworks using textiles and found objects.


Follow the link below and have a go at wrapping an object up in material to see how it changes its appearance.


As always, please send me your photos and see if I can guess what objects you used to make your artwork.

Please send them to


Sadly this will be the last Creative Challenge I set you before the holidays but if you want to do any artwork yourself then please visit and it will give you lots of amazing ideas.

You could always have a go at that sketch book we spoke about last week too and you could bring it in September to show me.


Thank you to everyone who has got involved with the challenges and all those Mums, Dads, Carers and family members

who have had a go too.

I have loved receiving your emails and seeing all your amazing efforts.

Take care and keep being creative.

Mrs Clough


Weekly Creative Challenge (12) - Monday 13th July


Paint like Turner


This week I would love you to read up on the famous painter and have a go at creating your own water colour painting.

You will need some A4 paper, a white wax crayon and some watercolour paint. If you don't have watercolour paint then ordinary paint, watered down, will be fine.


I can't wait to see your woodland scenes!

Please send them to me at


If you wanted to, you could even start up a sketch book like Turner did and have a go at sketching things you see everyday. It is a great way to start seeing things differently, things you have taken for granted because they are always around you. It would be a great little project too, over the Summer holidays and when, fingers crossed, we are all back in September you can bring them in to show me! smiley


Have fun!

Mrs Clough

Weekly Creative Challenge (11) - Monday 6th July


Make Pop Art like Warhol

This week I would like you to design your own piece of pop art inspired by this famous artist.

In the 1960s Andy Warhol became known as one of the leading artists of the pop art movement.

Pop artists felt that art should reflect modern life and so they made art inspired by the world around them – from movies, advertising and pop music to comic books and even product packaging.


This week I would like you to design your own soup can.

Follow the link below and find out all about Andy Warhol and how to create your soup can.


If you have a printer and a phone/ camera at home you could even have a go at the 'Selfie Artwork' idea that is at the bottom of the linked page.


I am looking forward to hearing about your wonderful soup ideas and if you can ,your brilliant selfie work.

As always, please send them to me at


Thank you and have a great creative week!

Mrs Clough smiley


Weekly Creative Challenge (10) - Monday 29nd June


Surrealism - Draw a Surreal Creature


This week we are going to explore Surrealism. Click on the first link below to start with and watch the video which explains what surrealism is.


Then after you have watched the video, click on the link below here and have a go at creating your own surreal creature.

Don't worry if you can't print out the game cards or you don't have a hat, I just drew some pictures on a piece of paper, cut them up and put them in a Tupperware so I could pick them out without looking.


Hope you enjoy this week and I look forward to seeing your amazing surreal creatures!

Please send them to me at

Thank you.

Mrs Clough


If you can't download the instructions then I have added them just below this explanation.


Surreal Creature instructions

Weekly Creative Challenge (9) - Monday 22nd June


Take a line for a walk!


Artist Paul Klee said ‘a line is a dot that went for a walk’. This is often what happens with a doodle…you don’t plan to draw, your pencil just seems to wander off across the paper.

Why not have a go at taking a dot for a walk?

Don’t plan your picture. Just let your pencil wander randomly. See what happens when you add eyes, arms and legs to your doodle.

Click on the link below to get some ideas.


As always please send me your wonderful creations to

Can't wait to see them! smiley

Mrs Clough

Weekly Creative Challenge (8) - Monday 15th June


This week, we shall be exploring paper weaving.

Click on the You Tube video below for 'Mrs Darlington Paper Weaving'.


You will need: a ruler, a pen/pencil, paper, colouring pencils.

You can really let your ideas fly when decorating your strips of paper. What kinds of patterns will you create?


Please send me your pictures at


Have fun!

Mrs Clough

Paper Weaving

A great activity - all you need is paper! I decorated my strips but you could use coloured paper. 'Over, under' is what you need to keep saying to yourself a...

Weekly Creative Challenge (7) - Monday 8th June



This week you are going to listen to a sound and use it to inspire a drawing. You have five different sounds to choose from.

Your challenge is to draw a creature inspired by the sound you hear.


Follow the link below to read what you have to do. Below the instructions are the sounds you can choose from. 

Can't wait to see what you produce!


As always, please email me your artwork to 

Happy listening! 😁

Mrs Clough 

Weekly Creative Challenge (6) - Monday 1st June. 

Who's your favourite fairy tale character? The Wicked Fairy Godmother or the Big Bad Wolf? How about a wizard, unicorn or dragon? 

Follow the link below and have a go at drawing your own fairytale using finger prints and pens.

Can't wait to see your stories.

As always please send them to me at

Thank you! 😁 

Weekly Creative Challenge (5) - Monday 25th May


I know it is half term but I thought you might have a little down time at some point and want to do some Art, so I thought

I'd upload another challenge!


Transient art is just 'art that is moveable'.

It's about using lots of different materials to create a picture, pattern or structure.

You can make it indoors or outdoors and use a mixture of man-made and natural objects.


You can record your transient art by taking a picture.

As always, I would love it if you sent me your wonderful creations to Mrs Clough at


Have a lovely half term! smiley

Weekly Creative Challenge (4) - Monday 18th May


Let's try some origami this week. All you need is paper!

You could type 'origami for kids' into YouTube for a video tutorial.

As always with YouTube, do check the video first just to be sure it is appropriate.

You could make an origami animal, flower, or other object!

As always send pictures of your amazing artwork to me, Mrs Clough at

Can't wait to see them!

Origami for Kids - Origami Dog Tutorial (Very Easy)

Origami for Beginners - How to make an ORIGAMI DOG in easy step by step for kids or beginners.

Weekly Creative Challenge (3) - Monday 11th May


On YouTube, search 'Mrs Darlington Paper Fish'.

Watch the video and then have a go yourself! You can use any type of paper.

When you have made your fish, you could decorate them using different materials - or just colour them in with different patterns.

As always send pictures of your amazing artwork to me, Mrs Clough at

Can't wait to see them! smiley

Paper Fish

Have a go at creating your own paper fish! Use plain bright colours or decorate your paper beforehand. Fold and snip in different places to create different ...

Weekly Creative Challenge (2) - Monday 4th May


Watch the video below for this continuous line drawing challenge.

It gives you time to draw to some relaxing music.

This exercise is great because you can use any kind of pen or pencil. 

Experiment with different objects (your favourite toy, a piece of fruit etc.).

Try as many times as you like. Sometimes it's good to try more than once to see how your drawing changes.

You can email your pictures to Mrs Clough at:

Make sure you write 'Art Challenge' in the Subject box.

Deadline is Friday 8th May.

I will collect them to make an online gallery of your work!

Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous Line Drawing Demonstration & Timed Drawing Exercise by AccessArt

Story challenge

Our wonderful resident artist, Peter has sent me an email wishing you all the very best in this tricky time. He has also sent me a beautiful book he has written called 'Rainbow Stories' which has been created from stories told by children of Arboretum Nursery School, Nottingham. If you can, please have a read of it and let me know what you think. What was your favourite story? Could you perhaps write your own story and email it to me?


Peter has suggested some questions that might help you write about the stories;


  • Why do you think the Tree Ghost stops crying at the end of its story?
  • What do you think happened next to the Tree Ghost?
  • Why do you think the Big Baddy Shadow Monster ate the little mouse?
  • What could the little mouse have done to avoid the Big Baddy Shadow Monster?
  • The Star Fish and the Spider were very different to each other. How did their story have a happy ending?
  • Can you imagine a story about them, or anyone else in the book?
  • Why do you think Fred and Freida the garden gloves are always arguing?
  • What is the best thing about Fred and Freida being together?
  • What do you think has happened to Grandpa and the Little girl in the story?
  • Why do you think they like spending so much time together?
  • Why do you think it’s important to tell each other stories?
  • What do you think when you see a rainbow in the sky?

Here are some more creative ideas...



Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous Line Drawing Demonstration & Timed Drawing Exercise by AccessArt

Using Everyday Objects
Transient Art - Using Bits and Bobs!

Weekly Creative Challenge - Monday 20th April


Watch the video below.

Draw a portrait using ONLY straight lines! Top tip - experiment with a series of short straight lines to create the illusion of a curve! Have fun!

You can email your pictures to Mrs Clough at:

Make sure you write 'Art Challenge' in the Subject box.

Deadline is Friday 1st May.

I will collect them to make an online gallery of your work!