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Week starting 6th April

Hello you lovely lot, we are entering week 3. I'm so proud of all you, I know you will be doing your best to help at home and stay safe. Keep making those people in your house smile, try to tell them a joke or make a funny dance routine up.
After my post last week I decided to measure myself to see if I am growing at all and I couldn't find my tape measure so I decided to measure myself using pencils, I am 11 pencils tall. I then looked around the house to see what else I could measure myself with and I found out that am 32 cream eggs tall. So this week I would like you to try and measure yourself with items from around the house, maybe you could measure other people in your house too? Remember a few weeks ago we worked out that you are the same length standing up and lying down so you can lay on the floor and ask someone to help. You also don't need lots of the item, just one will do. Ask the person who is measuring you to mark with their finger where they got to and then move the item up to continue measuring. If you use a toilet roll to measure yourself please handle it carefully, they are special and I would hate for any to get damaged!! wink

Whilst you're looking for items around the house I thought you could also take part in a shape hunt. I will add some pictures of shape mats, make a list of the ones you can find in your home and garden area. You may also spot some shapes when talking your walk or bike ride of the day.

Someone told me that this is the start of our Easter holidays, it feels a bit different doesn't it? I know that the rainbow pictures people have been putting in their windows have cheered lots up as they walk by so maybe this week you could make a picture of an Easter egg and put it in your window? It would be like a little Easter egg hunt in your neighbourhood, spotting egg pictures inside people's windows.

In your home learning packs you had a copy of all of the bear words, this week I thought maybe you could try and make up silly sentences using words from bears 1 - 7. Don't worry if you can't find them, I will upload a picture.

Remember to look at the other areas on our home learning page if you are looking for ideas to keep yourself busy. I know that lots of you have been taking the time to find out about things that you are interested in, that's a great idea! Use this time to find out about things that really interest you, I've been doing a few online courses to try and learn some new skills myself.

Take care, missing you all lots and lots but know we have to take this time apart to be safe.
Miss Wilson

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