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Year 2 - Class 2

Miss Wilson will be our class teacher supported by Mrs Morris (Monday - Tuesday) and Miss Callaway (Wednesday-Friday)



Children should aim to read at least three times a week at home. Remember the more you read the more prizes you can win!
(See Red Ted Reading Scheme)


P.E kit should be in school at all times. Our P.E days are Monday and Wednesday

I will be available at the end of each day if you have any concerns or need to talk about your child. Please feel free to come into our classroom to see our class displays and amazing work. 

Special Delivery!

Special Delivery!  1 On Friday 16th June we had 5caterpillars delivered
Special Delivery!  2 On Friday 16th June we had 5caterpillars delivered

Our Toy Topic

Our Toy Topic  1 We made our own sock things from Kipper's Toybox
Our Toy Topic  2 Miss Callaway helped us to sew sockthings' eyes
Our Toy Topic  3 We liked sewing
Our Toy Topic  4 We made our own toy boxes and toys to put in them
Our Toy Topic  5 We made our own Traction Man