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We have used binoculars, magnifying sheets and bug viewers to be woodland detectives and search the woods for clues. We had to find evidence of animals that live in our woods as well as any plants that grow there.

We found lots of evidence including fox holes, feathers, bird and fox poo as well as walnuts and conkers that had been nibbled.

Woodland detectives

Woodland detectives 1 Looking for insects.
Woodland detectives 2 We found something...a spider in the tree.
Woodland detectives 3 Looking for clues.
Woodland detectives 4 We found woodlice.
Woodland detectives 5 Woodlice.
Woodland detectives 6 I found lots to look at.
Woodland detectives 7 Snail shells.

We have been looking at interesting things in the woods and writing simple sentences about them. Our friends then had to improve our sentence by adding adjectives. We found lots of exciting things such as colourful leaves, sycamore spinners and soft feathers. Next we looked up at the sky and described the clouds.


Writing stars

Writing stars 1
Writing stars 2
Writing stars 3
Writing stars 4
Writing stars 5
Writing stars 6
Writing stars 7
Writing stars 8
Writing stars 9
This week we continued our outdoor learning in the woods. We thought about the work we have done in science on animals and their habitats. We had to use clay and natural materials to make an animal that might live in our woods. We were really artistic and used leaves, sticks, chestnut shells and sycamore spinners to make a wide range of animals including squirrels, foxes, owls, a badger and a worm.