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What have we been leaning about?

Robin Hood


This half term we have really enjoyed learning all about Robin Hood, Castles and Plants. We turned our classroom into a castle, made sheilds, princess and the pea beds, stain glass windows, knights made out of armour and went on residential to Sherwood Forest. We got to visit the major oak and see where Robin Hood lived. We enjoyed exploring the woods. We wrote a recount of this trip in our big write books.

Under the Sea

This half term we have enjoyed learning about all things under the sea, our classroom was turned into an under the sea paradise and we even did a class assembly sharing all our knowledge with our grown-ups.
We looked at the stories of rainbowfish, finding nemo and the snail and whale in our literacy topic and really enjoyed learning about the different oceans in the world and animals that live in them.
We made shiny rainbowfish, decorated CDs and used sticks and other outdoor materials to make fish skeletons. We really enjoyed making a cave for a mermaid and could tell which material was best for blocking out the light.
We found jellyfish really fascinating and made our very own and then hung them from the classroom ceiling.


A passport to India/ animals

We have loved learning about India this half term! We looked at different Indian tales in our English work and researched different animals to make a non-fiction report on tigers and even wrote a recipe and made our own tiger soup out of materials that we found outside. We have explored and re-told the story of Rama and Sita and wrote our own epic poems in the style of Ganesh. We looked closely at Indian art and replicated the style in our Rangoli patterns and dot pictures of Ganesh. We had our grownups in to make help us to make diva lamps out of clay and then put candles in them for our after school festival of lights walk, where we tasted Indian food and had fireworks. We looked at lots of Indian traditions, designed our own henna patterns and compared how Christians celebrate Christmas in Indian and the UK. When looking at animals we looked at what different animals do at winter and why they hibernate, we then decided to make bird feeders and bird balls to help the birds in our local area during the winter months. We kept a close eye on them and recorded our findings over 3 weeks to see if the birds preferred bird feeders or bird balls and which location was the most popular.


We have explored our toy topic through our literacy work. We have looked at Kipper’s Toybox and even made our own toy boxes and toys to go inside. We have learnt to sew and have made our own sock things – that was fun. We looked at the traction man stories and had our very own traction man landing from space in the classroom. We enjoyed the book toys in space and created our own alien Hoctopize toy. We opened a toy museum and made labels to explain what each toy can do and how it is made. We enjoyed making biscuits like the one in the book biscuit bear and took them on our very own yummy adventure. We have designed and made our very own board games – some of our rules were very interesting! We also wrote a lot about toys and their adventures in our big write books. We learnt a lot about toys!

Healthy Living

Healthy Living  1 We grew our own cress!
Healthy Living  2 We peeled hard boiled eggs
Healthy Living  3 We mashed the egg with a fork
Healthy Living  4 We cut our cress
Healthy Living  5
Healthy Living  6 We cut our cress
Healthy Living  7 We mixed it all together
Healthy Living  8
Healthy Living  9
Healthy Living  10 We made sandwiches
Healthy Living  11
Healthy Living  12
Healthy Living  13
Healthy Living  14 They tasted yumm!
Healthy Living  15