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School Council

We at Melbury believe that the School Council plays an important role in the life of the school. The representatives are made up from Classes 1 - 6. Each Class, at the beginning of the year, listens to a short presentation from each of the candidates and then makes their informed decision.


The following children are the current School Council for the academic year 2013 - 2014:
Class 1 : Join after Christmas
Class 2 : Lewis and Anjola
Class 3 : Alex and Saffron
Class 4 : Paige and Bailey 
Class 5 : Cameron and Louise
Class 6 : Kaydon and Tilli
Class 7 : Kelsey and Ricquain
Class 8 : Megan and Amber

We meet regularly  and we are easily identified by our 'School Council Badges.'


We regularly feedback to our classes and one of our most important duties is to listen to the ideas and proposals from the children of how to make the school even better.


September 16th - Meeting to see what children would like as the Head Teacher award for good behaviour (375 Melbury Merits).  Ask class and report back to HT.


October 6th - Meet local Housing Patch Officer - listen to a presentation on starting local estate inspections with Nottingham City Homes. Feed back to the school in an assembly after half term.  

School Council Competition - design the logo!

Remember - the competition to design the logo closes on the 17th October at 12pm.