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How to think like an archaeologist!

As part of our Enquiry topic, we wanted to understand how we know so much about a time where no written  records where kept. So we decided to try to become archaeologists!


We started by taking Mr Edwards bin from Class 6 and investigated its contents to see if we could piece together their morning's activities. We didn't get it 100% right, but we were pretty close!!


After that we split into teams. Armed with playdough, each group designed their own Stone Age dwelling using felt tips to create the holes in the ground. (Sadly, the camera batteries died at this point frown) We then removed the felt tips, leaving just the holes and then filled the tray in sand.


Following this, we swapped trays with another group and used teaspoons and paintbrushes to find the holes. We had to be REALLY careful not to damage the holes!! Once this was done, we used a ruler to measure the holes, make a plan of the dwelling, plot it onto paper and then shared back to see how close our prediction was!!


It turns out that in Class 5 we have a lot of great archaeologists!!!

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