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Welcome back Rainbows! smiley


We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and made the most of the time with your families. It's wonderful to see your children coming back to school looking refreshed and confident and I can't wait to help them grow and develop throughout the final term of the year.


During the summer term our focus topic will be on changes, lifecycles and people who help us. We will be learning about the lifecycle of plants and butterflies, we will be learning how colours change when we mix them together, we will be learning about different people in our world who help us and are real life superheroes, like paramedics, vets, police and firemen and we will be practising baking and making different snacks and treats together and will be planting our own bulbs!  We will continue to learn phonics and numeracy and will practise using our voices every day and will learn how to use our words to express our selves.


In the mornings your children will be taught and supported by Mrs Gordon and Mrs Brearley (Mrs Lees on Mondays) and Mrs Fewkes will be teaching on Thursday mornings, and the afternoon children will be taught and supported by Mrs Gordon, Miss Bamford, Mrs Lees, Mrs Morris, Mrs Lee, Miss Langley, Mrs Brierley and Mrs Tudor throughout the week.


Please remember to label your children's clothes- it makes it much easier for us to keep track of everyone's belongings! Thank you. Please ensure your children bring a drinks bottle to school every day. As we are a healthy eating school please can you only bring water for your children to drink at school. Thank you. Can I please remind you that jewellery cannot be worn at school for health and safety reasons, and that our uniform policy requires that your children wear black school shoes. Thank you for your cooperation.


AM nursery starts at 8.45 until 11.45 and PM nursery starts at 12.15- 3.10. It is important to get your children here on time as we start learning straight away and it's important to get the children settled as soon as possible. The doors will be shut after 10 minutes as we need to start our learning sessions as soon as possible to make the most of our time together.


If you need to ask us anything or need to talk to us then please feel free to. We are here to help your children progress and develop and we will be more than happy to help with things you can do at home to help your children even further.


Thank you for your cooperation smiley Please click on the stars below to have a look at some of the things we have been up to.


Mrs Gordon and the F1 team.