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Our Curriculum


Through our enquiry based curriculum we aim to motivate and inspire children.  We  follow the Statutory National Curriculum  September 2014.  We believe that alongside these statutory requirements it is also important for children to be taught skills to equip them to be lifelong learners. We actively develop thinking, questioning, problem solving and creative skills.  Children are encouraged to become independent learners, be decisive and confident in the decisions they make, be good citizens who can develop healthy and positive relationships with others and  remain healthy and resilient.  Class teachers will send termly letters to keep you informed of the topics that children will be covering that term and ways in which you can help them and join in with us.

We aim to motivate and inspire children to learn in a variety of ways:


Learning isn’t always confined to indoors. We are fortunate to have a large field, our own woods, an outdoor traverse climbing wall and a trim trail. Each class has their own garden. In other words lots of outdoor learning, adventurous activities, opportunities and experiences happen here at Melbury. We believe that play and exploration through the natural environment not only enhances children’s learning but also helps them become aware of the beauty and fragility of their local and global environment. 


Real experiences help to deepen children’s understanding of things.  We try to organise as many enriching activities such as trips, visitors in school, theatre companies,  musical events and storytellers etc. to support our curriculum. 


Phonics and Reading
We use  Nottingham City CLLD and Letters and Sounds to teach phonics and reading skills to children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.


Religious Education is taught with reference to the agreed syllabus for Nottingham, maintaining broadly Christian perspectives whilst reflecting the different backgrounds and faiths of our school community. Parents have the right to withdraw a child from religious education and collective worship in accordance with section 9 of the 1988 Education Act.


Health, Sex and Drugs Education
The school follows guidelines set by the local authority and the requirements contained in Circular 5/95 for the Department for Education.
We have accreditation in the drugs and physical activity strand as part of our Healthy School’s Award.  Children in Year 6 take part in the DARE project which helps them become more aware of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and gives them strategies to say NO and avoid peer group pressure.